The NuLu Review Overlay District

All development proposals within the NuLu Review Overlay District (NROD) are required to comply with Guidelines, with applications approved by the Urban Design Administrator or the Downtown Development Review Overlay District Committee. Within the Office of Planning & Design Services (PDS), the Urban Design Team administers and manages this design and architectural review process

Established in 2015, the overlay district was created to help enhance the appearance, sustainability, and economic vitality of the NuLu area – one of the community's burgeoning mixed-use areas.

NROD (2020)

NROD Ordinance

The overlay district was created by an ordinance adopted and passed by Metro Council pursuant to Sections 82.650 through 82.670 of Kentucky Revised Statutes. The ordinance provisions are provided in Chapter 162 of the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances.

NROD Guidelines

The Guidelines are not intended to discourage development or to dictate architectural design or style, but to encourage development that contributes to the overall design quality and sustainability of the overlay district. The Guidelines address construction and other external changes to buildings and properties. They are intended to promote compatibility of new development with existing land use and design features, to enhance NuLu's visual quality, to reinforce the area's focus on sustainability, to preserve the area's mixed-use character with a pedestrian friendly environment, and to strengthen the economic vitality of the area by encouraging new investment in business, residential, and commercial development in appropriate locations.

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All development proposals shall comply with applicable Guidelines; however a proposal that does not conform to one or more specific Guidelines may be approved by the Urban Design Administrator or Committee if it is determined that the proposal is in conformance with the intent of the Guidelines as a whole. The Guidelines may be updated or amended from time to time upon a recommendation of the Committee and with the approval of the Metro Council.

NROD Boundaries

The NuLu Review Overlay District Committee

Appointed by the Mayor and approved by Metro Council, the Committee consists of 9 members. Members are required to be residents of Jefferson County or owners of properties or businesses in the overlay district and have knowledge of or experience in design review. Further, the Committee's membership must meet certain qualifications set forth in Chapter 162 of the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances.

To view the names and terms of the current Members, as well as to find an online application form for any interested in serving on the Committee, please click here.

To view upcoming Committee meetings and agendas, please click here.

Overlay Permit Application

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