Volunteer Opportunities

Become a Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation Volunteer! 

Current Opportunities 

How to Apply:
  1. See this link to create a volunteer account. 
  2. Complete the Application. 
  3. Volunteer Program staff will contact you regarding your application. 

Ways to Get Involved 

Type of Service  Description Sample Activities
One Day Group  Set one or two day service project(s) Mulching young trees, litter pick-up or painting a small structure. 
Seasonal Group  Set group project over the span of several days or throughout a season Spring cleaning of a community center, capital park improvements, painting a large structure or special events. 
Adopt-A-Park Partner Volunteers engage in at least three to four approved regular maintenance projects per year at specified park location. Volunteers may also engage in monetary contributions.  Routinely approved activities such as mulching, litter pick-up, etc. Other projects can be submitted for review and approval beyond routine activities. 
Seasonal Individual  Service less than four times per calendar year.  Special events such as the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Iroquois Amphitheater or the Annual Ice Cream Social at Riverside; Winter Basketball Tournaments, etc. 
Long-Term Individual  Ongoing service throughout the calendar year.  Community Center receptionist, tutor, dance teacher, park stewardship, trail maintenance at Jefferson Memorial Forest. 

Interested in Adopt-A-Park? Learn more here.

Looking for ways to get involved with Americorp?  See this link for more information

Volunteer Program Mission Statement:
Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation’s volunteer programs support our local communities and park system through continued dedication to clean, green, safe and inclusive spaces. The volunteer program serves as a point of access for community members to park lands, civic engagement, education, and empowerment. 



Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing                    Locust Grove
Jefferson Memorial Forest                                               Olmsted Parks Conservancy
Louisville Parks Foundation


If you have any questions or you're ready to begin your journey as a volunteer, contact us