McNeely Lake Park Access Road & Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements Project












Metro Parks is looking into the creation of a connector road within McNeely Lake Park. The objective of a roadway would be to connect Mt. Washington Road to the south and Cedar Creek Road to the east. The creation of bicycle, pedestrian and transportation facilities will also be investigated during this project. This page will contain all documents pertaining to specically the roadway access project for McNeely Lake Park and is seperate from the McNeely Lake Park master plan project.

About the park:
McNeely Lake Park, a 746 acre park located at 10500 Cedar Creek Road, is one of the largest in the Metro Parks system, and features a scenic 46-acre fishing lake with an accessible pier and boat ramp which is owned by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. The Korean War Memorial is also located in the park.

Project Library

Public Meeting Presentations
 McNeely Lake Park Access Road #1 - 5-8-12
 McNeely Lake Park Access Road #2 - 7-17-12
 Aerial view of Proposed Roadway