Louisville Parks and Recreation Mowing Schedule

Below is the upcoming mowing schedule for Louisville Parks and Recreation
This schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions and other demands.

Monday, October 12
Rose Farm. Shawnee, Lannan, Cox, Farnsley Moremen, George Rogers Clark, Medora, Petersburg, Shelby, Sun Valley Park. 

Tuesday, October 13
AB Sawyer, Cherokee, Auburndale, Beechmont CC, Bellevue, Ben Israel, Breslin, Shawnee, Flaget, Cliff, GG Moore, Hays Kennedy, Highview, Huston Quinn, Mary T, Petersburg, Riverside Gardens, Riverview, Rubel, Sun Valley, Sylvania, Willow Park.

Wednesday, October 14
Algonquin Island, Shawnee, Beta Gardens, Victory, Cherokee, Harrison, Hays Kennedy, Hounz Lane, Manslick Island, McNeely Lake, Park Hill, South Central, Stansbury, Toonerville Trolley, Watterson Lake. 

Thursday, October 15
Bingham, Allgeier, Berrytown, Shawnee, Baxter, Sheppard, Central Park, Cherokee, Crosby, Eva Bandman, Extreme Park, McNeely South, McNeely Stables.

Friday, October 16
Bluelick, Shawnee, Ben Washer, Magnolia, Memorial, Des Pres, Eva Bandman, Farnsley Moremen, Iroquois, Jacobs Island, Okolona, Roberson Run, Seneca, Story Avenue, Wilderness Road, Wyandotte.

Monday, October 19
Longrun, Champions, Iroquois, Klondike, Seneca, Southern Parkway, Wayside. 

Tuesday, October 20
Elliott, Westonia, Champions, Douglas CC, Farnsley Moremen, Locust Grove, Long Run, Medora, Seneca.

Wednesday, October 21
Castlewood, Joe Creason, Klondike, Lake Dreamland, Riverside Gardens, Riverview, Sun Valley, Sylvania, Thurman Hutchins, Tyler, Charlie Vettiner.