Hogan's Fountain Master Plan

Metro Parks is developing a new master plan for the Hogan's Fountain area of Cherokee Park, a 409-acre Olmsted Park created in 1891.

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For the final version of the Master Plan, click here.

Project Library

Master Plan (1994)
 Table of Contents
 Olmsted Parks and Parkways
 Cherokee Park
 The Living Landscape
 The Built Landscape

Other Documents
 Final Concept Plans (February 2010)
 Trail Improvements (February 2010)
 Hogan's Fountain Concept Plan 1 (October 2009)
 Hogan's Fountain Concept Plan 2  (October 2009)
 Cherokee Park rendering (1897)
 Hogan's Fountain Existing Conditions Map 1  (May 2009)
 Hogan's Fountain Existing Conditions Map 2 (May 2009)
 Hogan's Fountain Powerpoint Presentation  (May 2009)