2023 Mowing Schedule

2023 Mowing Schedule Banner

Monday, March 20
Long Run, Farnsley-Moremen, Cherokee, Shawnee, Charlie Vettiner, Blue Lick, Auburndale, Beechmont, Medora, Metro Arts.

Tuesday, March 21
Cherokee, Seneca, Charlie Vettiner, Sun Valley, Riverview, Breslin, Extreme, Ginny Reichard, Irish Hill, Pee Wee, Creason, Douglass, Ben Israel, Shawnee, Baxter, Sheppard, Victory.

Wednesday, March 22
Seneca, Tyler/Castlewood, Bingham, Des Pres, Rubel, Farnsley-Moremen, Shawnee, Ben Washer.

Thursday, March 23
Crosby, Des Pres, Eastern Parkway, Mary T., Willow Lake, Huston Quinn, Shawnee, Elliott.

Friday, March 24
Park Hill, Ballard, Berrytown, Camp Taylor, Algonquin Island, Chickasaw, Shawnee, Boone Square.

Monday, March 27
Petersburg, Shelby, Central, A.B. Sawyer, Berrytown, Toonerville, Chickasaw, Portland.

Tuesday, March 28
Champions, Petersburg, Wyandotte, Nelson Hornbeck, Hounz Lane, Creason, G.G. Moore, Algonquin, Russell Lee, St. Louis.

Wednesday, March 29
Cox, Highview, McNeely Lake, Thurman Hutchins, Southern Parkway, Hounz Lane, Algonquin, California.

Thursday, March 30
McNeely, Locust Grove, Iroquois, Southern Parkway.

Friday, March 31
Iroquois, Okolona, Lannan.









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