Park at a Double Meter

Proper Parking Procedures at Double Meters


  1. The double parking meters are divided into a left (L) and a right (R) parking space.
  2. When parking at a double meter, vehicle must park in the direction of the flow of traffic.
  3. To properly park at a double meter, vehicle’s bumper must be in line with the meter pole. 
  4. Next select the space (L or R) that the vehicle is parked in and insert either coins to pay for desired amount of time.
  5. If a meter is malfunctioning (indicated by a yellow flag), then metered space is out of use and vehicle is subject to being fined.
  6. Contacting the PARC office (587.PARK) concerning a malfunctioning meter will get the meter fixed and back into service quickly. However, this will not eliminate any fines received for parking on a broken meter.