PARC Off-Street (Garages/Lots)

The Parking Authority of River City (PARC) has 15 garages and 2 lots in and around the central business district to provide convenient, affordable, safe, and user-friendly parking.

PARC provides monthly, daily, and special event parking.  Our facilities offer 24-hour security, motor assistance such as jump-start of dead batteries and air compressor service.  Upon request, PARC security guards will provide an escort to a patron 's vehicle.  

Monthly Parking Rates for all facilities may be found here.

Daily Parking Rates will be identified under each specified location listed below.

Special Event Parking - Choose the facility in the left column to view Event Parking Suggestions for that facility.  Not sure which facility you want to use for event parking, view the Event Parking Information page. For some events downtown, you can prepay for parking online, please click here to see the events list.


Downtown Parking Map - Map data provided by Louisville Downtown Partnership



Parc Locations

1st & Main Garage 

5th Street Garage

6th & Main Garage

8th & Main Garage

Arena Garage

Brown Hotel Garage

Clay Commons Garage 

Glassworks Garage 

Happy Birthday Lot

Jefferson Centre Garage 

Louisville Gardens Garage

Market Street Garage

Muhammad Ali Center Garage

Omni Garage

Riverfront Garage

Seelbach Garage

Wharf Lot