One Love Louisville Action Plan

What is One Love Louisville?

One Love Louisville is a comprehensive strategy consisting of both a campaign and a community action plan that would both inspire and mobilize citizens of Louisville. The One Love Louisville-Be The One to Make a Difference campaign was born out of the Louisville Blueprint for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods: Phase II report, published in January 2015. This campaign is a call to action to all sectors, communities and neighborhoods in Louisville. The focus is on allowing every resident to realize that they have a stake in the well-being of our city. The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods along with its affiliates and partners strongly believe that city violence can only be reduced through a collective and organized effort. We cannot rely on a few individuals to make a last change, this takes everyone!

What does it mean to Be the One to Make a Difference?

One Love Louisville is our strategy to unite neighbors to neighbors, provide opportunity for youth and create healthy objectives to help negate the violence that takes place in our city. Everyone has something to offer a person in need, a neighborhood or community. There is no one particular way for someone to Be the 1 to have an impact on the life of a young person. Do you enjoy reading? Perhaps you could read to youth at a JCPS school through the Every1Reads Program? Do you enjoy painting or another creative art form? Maybe you could offer lessons to youth on your block? Maybe you wish to know your neighbors better through an organized block party? You could even mentor a youth through Big Brothers Big Sisters

Our Plan

The Louisville Blueprint for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods: Phase II report consists of two supplemental reports: The One Love Louisville Youth Edition and My Brother's Keeper. We have several key reports that provide the guidance and structure for the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods. The One Love Louisville reports offer 2-year long strategies for focusing efforts in high impact areas. We encourage you to read more on our Reports page about each of our reports. 

Planning and Implementation: 

We work alongside residents, faith, and community based organizations and businesses to make sure the One Love Louisville Action Plan is implemented, measured, evaluated and disseminated across Louisville. Each of the One Love Louisville goals and initiatives were developed as a result of hard work by many residents over several years. Since the Phase II Blueprint release, new data and information has been collected and presented by the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods and many community partners in an effort to update goals and intiatives in the One Love Louisville Phase III Action Plan, which is soon to be released. 

Governance and Accountability: 

The One Love Louisville Action Plan is governed by several entities including the following:

Advisory Council

Made of individuals from multiple sectors, this council provides oversight and policy guidance. They are accountable for helping to move the work forward. Mayor Fischer leads the committee. 

Implementation Team

This committee consists of dedicated community members from across multiple sectors. They are lead by two individuals outside of the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods and meet on a monthly basis. Each meeting provides critiques and feedback of goals and initiatives progress related to the One Love Louisville Action Plan. These meetings are open to the public. 

Youth Implementation Team

Youth Advisors to the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods that meet twice per month. Members provide feedback, suggestions, and critiques of goals to the One Love Louisville Action Plan. To learn more visit the Youth Implementation Team page.


Want to hear from you! Use our #BeThe1 hashtag on social media to show us how you are making a difference in the life of a young person(s) and your community!

Don't forget to look for our Be The 1 logo! Find it at partnering organizations, on t-shirts, and flyers!

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