The Louisville Metro Office for Women (OFW) uses advocacy. research and policy to improve the status of women in the Louisville Metro area. OFW is an Advocacy & Empowerment office within the Louisville Metro Department of Community Services.

Office For Women works to ensure women have access to the resources and information necessary for self-determination. Therefore, OFW focuses on issues related to violence against women, women’s physical and mental health, social and economic well-being, and community engagement. 

OFW was founded in 1991. The Office's efforts have been instrumental in the implementation of policies, collaborations, and tools to improve the safety and well-being of women and their families. Among the successful outcomes of such collaborations are: The creation  of VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) which is now available in all but three states and the Louisville Metro Visitation and Exchange Center where parents can safely exchange children or have supervised visitation.



High ACE scores in childhood, particularly 4 for or more exposures, indicate that in adulthood those persons are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, certain types of heart disease, depression and substance abuse issues considered to be related to chronic stress. This offers an opportunity to examine probabilities and better target or cluster services to assist individuals and families by recognizing adverse experiences and the potential outcomes. 

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