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Here’s how Louisville Mayor wants to change city spending. And how you can get involved  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org) (5/6/24)

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg says his budget proposal is a “reset.” Take a deeper look at how he wants to change city spending.

Residents say they still don't feel safe after gun violence declines in Louisville​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (4/17/24)

Gun violence is declining in Louisville, but people say they still don't feel safe in their neighborhoods.

Officials speak with west Louisville communities about gun violence in first monthly 'Reports to the Community'​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (4/17/24)

Officials are going to each of the areas most impacted by gun violence, starting Wednesday, including the Russell, California and Parkland neighborhoods.

Office for Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods sees 35% reduction in shootings over past 2 years​​​​​​​  |  WAVE 3 (4/17/24)

There was a 35% reduction in shootings in Louisville over the past two years, according to the Office for Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods.

'You got a dead body behind your house': Woman describes scene of Portland shooting​​​​​​​  |  WLKY 32 (4/17/24)

A man is dead after being shot multiple times in the Portland neighborhood.

How Louisville institutions are reacting to the spike in youth gun violence  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org) (4/7/24)

Over the past three years, Louisville has seen a spike in gun violence involving young people. Data shows residents ages 25 and under are more likely than any other age group to be involved — either as a victim or a suspected shooter.

Following string of shootings, OSHN highlights violence prevention efforts in the community​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (3/31/24)

The Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods is working with various organizations to tackle the problem of violence in the community.

Louisville nonprofit says 9-year-old who was blinded by gunfire sets 'strong example' for violence prevention  |  WDRB 41 (3/30/24)

A Louisville nonprofit says a nine-year-old boy permanently blinded by a gunshot sets a strong example for Youth Violence Prevention Week.

Youth Violence Prevention Week wraps up as two people are shot at Wyandotte Park​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (3/29/24)

Recent trends tell us Louisville is seeing a decline in the number of young shooting victims year over year, but still, they make up a majority of shooting victims.

Louisville mayor, Metro Housing Authority announce changes at Dosker Manor, but residents unsure​​​​​​​  |  WLKY 32 (3/26/24)

Louisville is taking steps to make Dosker Manor safe.

Events will allow community to have open dialogue about youth gun violence in Louisville​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (3/26/24)

It's all part of National Youth Violence Prevention Week.

National Youth Violence Prevention Week provides opportunities for Louisville youth to get involved  |  WLKY 32 (3/25/24)

Several activities are planned in Louisville as part of National Youth Violence Prevention Week.

Louisville Metro Youth Cabinet hosting violence prevention events this week  |  WDRB 41 (3/25/24)

The Louisville Metro Youth Cabinet will hold events throughout the week for National Youth Violence Prevention Week.

Neighbors: Toddler was in back of car when pregnant woman, man shot and killed in Park Hill  |  WLKY 32 (3/14/24)

Sources close to the investigation say the shooting late Wednesday night was witnessed by the woman's toddler.

Louisville Metro Youth Cabinet begins initiative recognizing young people​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  |  Spectrum News 1 (3/5/24)

The Louisville Metro Youth Cabinet and partners are looking to recognize young people facing adversity.

New city-run program wants to recognize Louisville's most resilient teens, young adults nationally​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (2/26/24)

A new city-run program aims to honor Louisville's most resilient teens and young adults.

New gun violence prevention project launches in Newburg neighborhood​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  |  Spectrum News 1 (2/23/24)

Mayor Craig Greenberg, D-Louisville, and community leaders unveiled a new initiative for gun violence prevention in Jefferson County.

'They listened to us': Newburg community members eagerly await violence reduction program​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (2/23/24)

The $2 million dollar project is a 3-year program aimed at preventing gun violence before it actually happens.

City of Louisville, DOJ target Newburg for crime reduction grant​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (2/23/24)

Take guns off the street and cut down on violence. That's the goal of a Louisville anti-violence program that is expanding to Newburg, thanks to a multimillion-dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. 

DOJ awards Louisville government $2 million for program to reduce gun violence​​​​​​​  |  Courier-Journal (2/22/24)

The Department of Justice has awarded the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods $2 million for a three-year pilot program to reduce gun violence in the Newburg neighborhood.

Louisville receives $2 million for gun violence reduction in Newburg neighborhood​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (2/22/24)

The federal grant was awarded by the Department of Justice.

$2M awarded for gun violence prevention pilot program in Newburg  |  WLKY 32 (2/22/24)

The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods was awarded $2 million from the Department of Justice for the Newburg Gun Violence Reduction Project.

DOJ providing $2 million to expand Louisville's 'violence interrupters' program to Newburg​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (2/22/24)

The U.S. Department of Justice is giving the city of Louisville $2 million in federal funding to curb gun violence in the city's Newburg neighborhood.

Initiative launched to celebrate, recognize Louisville youth overcoming challenges  |  WLKY 32 (2/21/24)

As an expert in family law with more than 20 years of experience, Claudette Patton says she's seen youth facing several adversities, including drug use in their households, abuse, and neglect.

Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods will expand 'interruption site' concept to Newburg​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (2/8/24)

A 3-year grant worth $1.8 million through the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods will be invested in the Newburg neighborhood to curb gun violence.

Health data shows life expectancy in Louisville has declined, highlights other inequities  |  WLKY 32 (1/31/24)

The Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness has launched a new data dashboard, providing a look at the city's overall health.

Local barber continues providing free haircuts with city of Louisville's help  |  WDRB 41 (1/21/24)

A local barber is partnering with the city to provide free haircuts and address mental health issues.

Louisville Barbershops Spearhead ‘Thoughts Out Loud’: An Initiative Championing Mental Health Among Black Men  |  BNN (bnnbreaking.com) (1/14/24)

In the heart of Louisville, a transformative initiative has unfurled its wings at The Lab Professional Barbering Services and New Era Barbershop. Dubbed ‘Thoughts Out Loud’, this pioneering program seeks to address the mental health of Black men and boys, particularly those at risk of being entangled in violence.

At a Louisville barbershop, Black youth get a free haircut and friendly ear  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org) (1/14/24)

For Black men, a barbershop isn’t just a place to get edge-ups or a beard trim – it’s a space for finding community with other Black men and opening up in ways that go beyond small talk. A free program in Louisville aims to expand that.

Louisville set to launch resourceful website to help prevent youth violence  |  WLKY 32 (1/12/24)

The Louisville entity focused on youth development is preparing to launch a new tool to keep youth engaged and out of trouble.

Louisville Sees a Dip in Gun Violence, But The Fight Continues  |  BNN (bnnbreaking.com) (1/12/24)

Louisville records a decrease in gun violence in 2023, attributed to the collective efforts of various stakeholders. However, city leaders call for more local autonomy for effective gun control as they continue their fight against violence.

Tackling mental health and violence from a barber chair​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  |  Spectrum News 1 (1/11/24)

The Thoughts Out Loud program has partnered with The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods to focus on young individuals who are at high risk for becoming a victim of violence or being a perpetrator of violence in Louisville.

Community-wide event remembers those lost to gun violence​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  |  Spectrum News 1 (1/11/24)

"A Night of Remembrance" was held this past Friday, Jan. 5 in Louisville, remembering those lost this past year to gun violence. 

Louisville OSHN program working to prevent youth violence through one-stop resource​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (1/9/24)

A Louisville group is trying to prevent youth violence by keeping kids busy through a website that is a one-stop shop for resources in the city.

'I'm a survivor': Mayor Craig Greenberg inspired to prevent gun violence in Louisville​​​​​​​  |  Courier-Journal (1/6/24)

During the Night of Remembrance for the 2023 victims of gun violence, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said that "a moment of good fortune" inspires him to make the prevention of gun violence the number one priority of his administration.

'As a city, we have to do more': Anti-violence advocates remember 2023 homicide victims in Louisville​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (1/5/24)

Advocates, leaders and families of victims came together to memorialize the loss by reading off, one-by-one, the names of all 150 homicide victims in 2023.

City holds ‘Night of Remembrance’ in honor of gun violence victims​​​​​​​  |  WAVE 3 (1/5/24)

In Louisville, 150 people were killed in shootings in 2023. It’s the fourth year in a row the city saw triple-digit homicide numbers.

Victims of gun violence in Louisville remembered at community-wide ceremony​​​​​​​  |  WLKY 32 (1/5/24)

The fifth annual "Night of Remembrance" was held to officially recognize local victims of gun violence.

'This is our city' | Linkin' Bridge members among the mourning at Louisville's Night of Remembrance​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (1/5/24)

150 candles were laid down Friday night to represent Louisville's 150 homicide victims in 2023.

Night of Remembrance honors victims of violence in Louisville from 2023​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (1/4/24)

Linkin' Bridge is scheduled to perform, and Mayor Craig Greenberg will speak as a survivor. He will also help read the names of those the Metro lost.

'Stop this bleeding': Louisville homicide total drops but remains in triple digits​​​​​​​  |  Courier-Journal (1/3/24)

For the third consecutive year, Louisville suffered homicide totals in the triple digits — though violence may be on the decline.

Chabad of Kentucky helps gun violence victims​​​​​​​  |  WAVE 3 (12/10/23)

Chabad of Kentucky lit a giant menorah on Fourth Street Live on the third night of Hanukkah.

Louisville organizations host free training program to curb violence in the metro  |  WLKY 32 (12/9/23)

Louisville organizations are working to reduce violence in the metro through a free training program.

Louisville podrá registrar en tiempo real la estadística de tiroteos y asesinatos  |  Al Día en América (11/30/23)

El alcalde Craig Greenberg presentó esta semana un panel digital sobre la violencia armada en el área metropolitana de Louisville.

Louisville officials launch new online gun violence dashboard | Louisville Public Media (lpm.org) (11/28/23)

Mayor Craig Greenberg unveiled the Louisville Metro Gun Violence Dashboard, an online daily report of the city's fatal crime data.

Louisville unveils online dashboard to track shootings and gun violence​​​​​​​  |  Courier-Journal (11/28/23)

People can now track reported shootings in Louisville through a real-time, interactive dashboard.

New app tracking gun violence in Louisville goes live​​​​​​​  |  WLKY 32 (11/28/23)

Louisville has a new tool to track violence in the city as grim statistics show the city reached a fourth straight year of triple-digit homicides.

Louisville's new crime dashboard tracks shootings, homicides by neighborhood​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (11/28/23)

The "Metro Gun Violence Dashboard" is the city's first official platform for reporting daily gun violence, gunshots and homicides in Louisville.

Mayor announces new crime dashboard tracking real-time gun violence in Louisville​​​​​​​  |  WHAS 11 (11/28/23)

City of Louisville launching public dashboard to track violent crime​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (11/27/23)

The city of Louisville is launching a crime dashboard to provide real-time reporting of information to enhance transparency. 

New crime dashboard will report ‘real-time gun violence’ to expand transparency in Louisville​​​​​​​  |  WAVE 3 (11/27/23)

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg will hold a press conference Tuesday, introducing a real-time, comprehensive reporting tool that will expand information transparency on the city’s crime statistics.

Louisville leaders vow to focus in on preventing crime. Here's how.​​​​​​​  |  WLKY 32 (10/20/23)

Mayor Craig Greenberg and LMPD Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said that they have a shared goal of cracking down on violence across the city at the Louisville Forum on Wednesday.

Louisville offers resources for those facing trauma​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  |  Spectrum News 1 (10/19/23)

The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods offers free mental health services.

'Friendship Closet' offers clothes and essential items for Louisville adults, children in need​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (10/13/23)

A new resource in Louisville is providing clothes to people in need.

La Casita Center implementará más servicios de salud mental para la comunidad latina e inmigrante, gracias a subvención de fondos  |  Al Día en América (9/20/23)

“¡Tú no perteneces aquí, regresa al lugar de donde viniste!”. Frases como esa se escuchan con frecuencia en referencia a la comunidad inmigrante que arriba a Estados Unidos y, en particular, a Louisville.

Trauma-trained counselors now part of Louisville's 8 Neighborhood Places​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (9/20/23)

The city of Louisville now has free mental health counseling for people impacted by violence.

Initiatives to expand mental health services in Louisville targets Latinx communities​​​​​​​  |  WLKY 32 (9/19/23)

Louisvillians traumatized by violence or everyday stress now have more resources to help.

Louisville expanding mental health services, funding 23-year-old nonprofit |  WHAS 11 (9/19/23)

Karina Barillas, La Casita's executive director, says they receive between 2000 and 3000 phone calls a month from people.

Banners with student art hung in Smoketown part of anti-violence measure |  WHAS 11 (9/18/23)

Students at Meyzeek Middle School teamed up with the Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods to create new banners for the Smoketown neighborhood.

Meyzeek Students create anti-violence banners for Smoketown |  WAVE 3 (9/18/23)

On Monday, the Smoketown Anti-violence Coalition and Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods (OSHN) put the eighteenth student-created banner on display.

JCPS students create anti-violence artwork for Smoketown neighborhood  |  WDRB 41 (9/18/23)

Jefferson County Public Schools students created artwork to make the Smoketown neighborhood more beautiful and celebrate community pride.

Neighbors voice concerns about violence and chaos in Deer Park, Clifton neighborhoods  |  WLKY 32 (8/7/23)

Tensions ran high as neighbors crowded inside Douglass Boulevard Christian Church frustrated with the chaos and violence in their neighborhoods.

Back to school | Here's a list of giveaway sites in the Louisville area for supplies and backpacks  |  WDRB 41 (8/7/23)

Summer break for students in Louisville and the surrounding area is quickly coming to a close. Local churches and organizations are handing out supplies for those in need.

Metro Council members hold community meeting addressing crime, noise in Districts 8, 9​​​​​​​  |  WAVE 3 (8/6/23)

Two recent shootings prompted two metro councilmen to host a community meeting Sunday night searching for solutions to the outbreak of violence in their districts.

Highlands residents voice concerns at meeting about recent crime in the area, loud music from bars  |  WDRB 41 (8/6/23)

Recent violence near two of Louisville's most iconic streets has left some neighbors scared to leave their homes at night.

National report shows each deadly shooting in Louisville costs nearly $1M  |  WLKY 32 (7/21/23)

The harsh reality is, if you're a taxpayer in Louisville, you are impacted by gun violence.

Louisville kids building conflict resolution skills with virtual reality through YMCA, OSHN program  |  WDRB 41 (7/19/23)

Kids in west Louisville are learning how to solve real-life problems through gaming.

'Violence has a cost to all of us'; Louisville spends about $108M a year on homicides  |  WHAS 11 (7/18/23)

"$108 million would go a long way to addressing our affordable housing program and everything in between."

'Safe Summer Kickoff' events in west Louisville encourage neighborhood cohesion  |  WDRB 41 (6/24/23)

Louisville's Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods simultaneously held five, three-hour “Safe Summer Kickoff” events in the city's west end on Saturday. 

Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods kicks off 'Safe Summer' campaign  |  WHAS 11 (6/24/23)

The campaign is marked by various community events taking place across five metro neighborhoods.

5 family-friendly events this Saturday across Louisville; What to know  |  WHAS 11 (6/22/23)

Each location will have free attractions, including petting zoos, a variety of food trucks, ice cream, snow cones, video game trucks and much more!

Louisville's Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods hosting 'Safe Summer Kickoff' events this weekend​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  |  WDRB 41 (6/22/23)

 Louisville's Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods is hosting five free summer events for families this weekend.

How to participate in Louisville's free summer youth programs  |  WLKY 32 (6/21/23)

Ahead of the first day of summer, the Louisville Metro's Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods announced free programs for the city's youth.

Free summer youth programs now open at Louisville community centers​​​​​​​  |  WAVE 3 (6/20/23)

Teens looking for something to do over the summer holiday now have options as the Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods announces the start of the city’s free summer youth programs.

Louisville Metro opens 2023 youth summer programs such as web design, film development  |  WHAS 11 (6/20/23)

These programs will be offered for free at several community centers around Louisville this summer.

Louisville mayor announces long list of free summer programs for kids and teens  |  WDRB 41 (6/20/23)

The city of Louisville launched a wide array of free summer programs for kids and teenagers Tuesday, everything from sports activities to debate classes to financial literacy training.

'I don't know what it was all about': LMPD addresses recent violence as schools prepare to let out for summer  |  WHAS 11 (5/30/23)

Just within the past few weeks, there have been several senseless acts of violence. And with schools letting out for the summer, community leaders fear for youth.

Louisville expands program where community members interrupt violence  |  WLKY 32 (5/25/23)

As more lives are lost to gun violence in Louisville, the city has another prevention strategy to help combat the issue: violence interruption sites.

Louisville expands 'violence interrupters' program aimed at stopping gun violence in 5 neighborhoods  |  WDRB 41 (5/23/23)

The city of Louisville is using nearly $7 million in funding to expand what it calls "violence interruption sites," tasked with empowering neighborhood and community members to stop gun violence at the ground level.

Office creating 'interruption sites' requests money from Louisville Metro Council for new position  |  WHAS 11 (5/23/23)

The data analyst would keep track of all of the stats from their programs including the interruption sites in "Pivot to Peace."

Future funding in question for Louisville's Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods  |  WDRB 41 (5/22/23)

Louisville Metro's Office of Safe and Health Neighborhoods (OSHN) is tasked with curbing such violence at a grassroots level, but the majority of its budget will run out.

Meyzeek Middle School after-school program aims to make community safer  |  WLKY 32 (5/18/23)

Meyzeek Middle School is partnering with the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods to keep students safe on their way home from school.

New program led by Meyzeek Middle School, community partners helping to keep students safe  |  WDRB 41 (5/15/23)

A new program keeping students safe as they walk home from school is building connections within the community.

Separate shootings in Louisville leave 3 men dead in less than 24 hours | WLKY 32 | (5/10/2023)

In a span of 13 hours, three men were gunned down in three Louisville neighborhoods, Shelby Park, Parkland, and Shawnee.

REPLAY: Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade 2023  |  WAVE 3 (4/30/23)

Watch the full replay of WAVE’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade!

'We wouldn't be here if we didn't believe in us': Hundreds gather in Chickasaw Park days after mass shooting  |  WHAS 11 (4/19/23) 

Days after a mass shooting hit the grounds of the West End's historic park, now, condolences and calls for action can be heard.

Outraged advocates reiterate solutions as gun violence plagues Louisville  |  WLKY 32 (4/17/23)

All of the people shot and killed in Louisville this year have one commonality: their lives were taken senselessly.

Seeking Solutions to Violence  |  PBS KET (4/14/23) 

Louisville's Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods works to make the city violence free.

Hundreds gather in Louisville to honor victims of Monday's mass shooting  |  PBS KET (4/13/23) 

A survivor of a different mass shooting shares some of her own experiences.

Louisville faith leaders hope this moment of unity is an opportunity to stop gun violence  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org) (4/13/23) 

Louisville held a citywide "night of resilience" at places of worship Wednesday evening. Communities of faith honored all 40 of the victims of gun violence this year.

Wednesday updates: City releases 911 calls from Old National Bank shooting  |  Courier-Journal (4/12/23) 

A Wednesday evening vigil has been planned for the five people killed in a mass shooting at a Louisville branch of Old National Bank.

Hundreds come out to honor Louisville mass shooting victims at prayer vigil  |  WLKY 32 (4/12/23) 

A community-wide prayer vigil was held in Louisville Wednesday night in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting at Old National Bank.

Louisville hosts public vigil in honor of Old National Bank mass shooting victims  |  WAVE 3 (4/12/23) 

City leaders came together for a public community vigil to honor the victims of Monday’s mass shooting at Old National Bank in downtown Louisville. 

Local organizations share mental health resources following Old National Bank shooting  |  WAVE 3 (4/12/23) 

The community is reeling after Monday’s tragedy, calling on local mental health organizations and programs to help the people cope. 

LMPD releases 911 calls from Louisville bank mass shooting  |  WHAS 11 (4/12/23) 

Louisville Metro Police have released the 911 calls they received the day of the mass shooting on Monday, April 10. 

Citywide vigil planned to mourn Louisville shooting. Here's where to find one  |  Spectrum News 1 (4/12/23) 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg (D) has invited the community to a citywide vigil to mourn the victims of Monday’s mass shooting at the Old National Bank in downtown Louisville.

Community-wide prayer vigil to be held for mass shooting victims at Muhammad Ali Center  |  WLKY 32 (4/12/23) 

There will be a community-wide prayer vigil in Louisville Wednesday night in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting at Old National Bank.

Mental health experts helping people cope with trauma after Louisville mass shooting  |  WDRB 41 (4/11/23) 

Mental health counselors are helping people cope with trauma in Louisville.

Vigil planned in honor of Old National Bank mass shooting victims  |  WAVE 3 (4/11/23) 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg joined city officials on Tuesday morning to provide updates on Monday’s mass shooting at Old National Bank in downtown Louisville.

Police: Louisville shooter bought gun a week ago, body cam footage to be released Tuesday  |  Spectrum News 1 (4/11/23) 

The bank employee who opened fire at his Louisville workplace targeted specific people with the rifle he bought legally a week earlier, police said Tuesday.

LMPD to release bodycam footage of downtown Louisville shooting; vigil planned for victims  |  WAVE 3 (4/11/23) 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg joined city officials on Tuesday morning to provide updates on Monday’s mass shooting at Old National Bank in Downtown Louisville.

Community-wide prayer vigil to be held at Muhammad Ali Center following Louisville mass shooting  |  WLKY 32 (4/11/23) 

There will be a community-wide prayer vigil in Louisville Wednesday night in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting at Old National Bank in downtown Louisville.

While people are processing the mass shooting of Monday morning, the city is organizing a vigil Wednesday evening to honor the five people killed inside Old National Bank.

Officials: Vigil announced for Louisville mass shooting victims  |  WHAS 11 (4/11/23) 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg announced there will be a city-wide vigil to remember the victims of the downtown bank shooting on Monday.


How Louisville institutions are reacting to the spike in youth gun violence  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org) (4/7/23) 

Over the past three years, Louisville has seen a spike in gun violence involving young people.

Gala held to close out Louisville Youth Violence Prevention Week  |  WHAS 11 (4/2/23) 

The Youthful Gala honored local organizations and individuals dedicated to ending the cycle of youth violence.

Leaders working together to find solutions to youth violence in Louisville  |  WLKY 32 (4/2/23) 

City leaders are working together to find solutions to the increasing problem of youth violence in the Metro.

Louisville youth hopeful that growing violence in their community comes to an end  |  WDRB 41 (4/1/23) 

Elevating youth voices through conversations regarding violence prevention was the focus this week and as its coming to an end, leaders said the work is just beginning.

Youth gala highlights organizations dedicated to end violence  |  WHAS 11 (4/1/23) 

After events during the week discuss efforts to prevent violence, a special gala was held for youth and honored those affiliated in the field for their efforts.

Top takeaways from Louisville’s Gun Violence Reduction Summit  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org) (3/30/23) 

Community groups working to reduce gun violence in Louisville came together with city officials this week for an anti-violence summit amid a spike in homicides and shootings that started in 2020.

Teenagers express themselves at Louisville open mic night for youth violence prevention  |  WHAS 11 (3/29/23) 

Louisville summit addressing gun violence heads into day two  |  WHAS 11 (3/29/23) 

The Louisville Alliance for Sustainable Gun Violence Reduction gathered with nearly 300 groups Wednesday to collaborate on solutions to gun violence. 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg says city must solve its 'crisis of gun violence'  |  WDRB 41 (3/28/23) 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said the city is in the midst of a "crisis of gun violence" during a speech to a group gathered in downtown Louisville on Tuesday.

Louisville summit addresses gun violence crisis  |  WHAS 11 (3/28/23) 

City and state leaders are sharing how they play a role in making communication better amid some feeling like they don't have a voice in the debate.

Citywide Violence Reduction Summit underway in Louisville  |  WAVE 3 (3/28/23) 

Officials hope to come together as part of a Citywide Violence Reduction Summit to find ways to create sustainable reduction of violent crime in Louisville.

Hundreds of Louisville groups call for more collaboration at Citywide Violence Reduction Summit  |  WHAS 11 (3/28/23) 

The Louisville Alliance for Sustainable Gun Violence Reduction hosted the gathering Tuesday at the Muhammad Ali Center. 

Louisville violence summit kicks off, but to what end?  |  WLKY 32 (3/28/23) 

The conference was being put on by the Louisville Alliance for Sustainable Gun Violence Reduction, which consists of more than 50 groups, including Metro government's Office for Safe and Health Neighborhoods.

Youth panel discusses violence across the city of Louisville  |  WDRB 41 (3/28/23) 

On Tuesday night, there was a youth panel discussion held at the California Community Center.

'What is violence to you?': Youth address violence in Louisville  |  WHAS 11 (3/28/23) 

On the second day of Youth Violence Prevention Week, Louisville's Youth Engagement Services turned the mic over to youth to discuss the problem themselves. 

Louisville youth panel addresses violence among their peers, hoping to create meaningful change  |  WDRB 41 (3/28/23) 

A Louisville youth panel hopes that sharing their own perspectives and views about a rise in violence among their peers can lead to meaningful change.

Louisville lines up several activities for National Youth Violence Prevention Week  |  WDRB 41 (3/28/23) 

Teenagers in Louisville have been both the victims and suspects in recent violent crime. Now the city is taking part in a national effort to change that.

Louisville focuses on preventing youth violence this week  |  WHAS 11 (3/27/23) 

WHAS 11's Taylor Woods walks us through the steps the city is taking to prevent violence among young people.

Newly-created youth cabinet focused on violence prevention in Louisville  |  WLKY 32 (3/27/23) 

The growing issue of youth violence in Louisville is being addressed by city leaders who are now turning to young people themselves for answers.

Louisville Metro Youth Cabinet working with city to help prevent violence  |  WDRB 41 (3/27/23) 

Youth homicides in Louisville tripled between 2018 and 2021. Now, more young people are working to fix one of the city's biggest problems. 

Mayor Greenberg, Metro Youth Cabinet kick-off 2023 National Youth Violence Prevention Week  |  WAVE 3 (3/27/23) 

They hosted a press conference Monday to announce the youth-led events during National Youth Violence Prevention Week.

'Change in the city for the better': Metro Youth Cabinet aims to create better future  |  WHAS 11 (3/27/23) 

To kick off Youth Violence Prevention Week, Mayor Craig Greenberg announced efforts to end youth violence in Louisville Monday with the help of 26 teenagers.


Access Louisville: National Youth Violence Prevention Week  |  Louisville MetroTV (3/27/23) 

The Metro Youth Cabinet will outline the activities of “National Youth Violence Prevention Week”, co-led by the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods.

Louisville summit will focus on solutions to reduce gun violence  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org) (3/26/23) 

The summit hopes to draw opinions for sustainable interventions, societal re-entry, community mobilization and support for victims of gun violence.

Louisville Mayor, Metro Youth Cabinet announce youth violence issues they will focus on  |  WAVE 3 (3/26/23) 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg and the Metro Youth Cabinet will hold a press conference on Monday to announce what local youth violence related issues the Cabinets will focus on in their communities.

Louisville's Metro Youth Cabinet to kick off National Youth Violence Prevention Week  |  WHAS 11 (3/26/23) 

National Youth Violence Prevention Week begins Monday, and a local group is urging the community to get involved in hopes of ending the cycle of young lives lost in Louisville.

Louisville’s first Metro Youth Cabinet meets to help prevent violence in the city  |  WAVE 3 (3/25/23) 

The city’s first Metro Youth Cabinet met Saturday to strategize recommendations to advise Mayor Craig Greenberg and Metro Council on issues like violence, social equity and inclusion.

The Work of the Louisville Metro Youth Cabinet  |  Louisville Metro TV  |  Facebook (3/25/23) 

National Youth Violence Prevention week is Louisville's opportunity to hear the perspectives of young people and tap into the hearts of our future.

Louisville violence prevention summit to be held at Ali Center next week  |  WDRB 41 (3/20/23) 

The Louisville Alliance for Sustainable Gun Violence Reduction will hold a two-day conference that will search for ways to end gun violence in the city.

Portland community learns violence and suicide prevention training  | WHAS 11 (3/12/23) 

Among topics learned included mobilizing the neighborhood against gun violence, stopping wounds from bleeding and how to safely handle firearms.

How making Louisville safer is key to the city's economic prosperity  |  Louisville Business First (3/3/23) 

Public safety has become a hot topic in many cities nationwide, but Louisville is unique in a couple of ways.

Louisville's Metro Youth Cabinet holds inaugural meeting  |  WHAS 11 (2/25/23) 

The board launched in January and it is responsible for advising the mayor's office and Metro Council on youth-related issues impacting the city.

Louisville Metro Youth Council works with lawmakers to decrease violence  |  WLKY 32 (2/25/23) 

Louisville teenagers are finding new ways to combat violence in the Metro.

Louisville youth cabinet developing recommendations for mayor, Metro Council  |  WDRB 41 (2/25/23) 

Metro Youth Council is a 26-member group between the ages of 16 to 21 years old who advise elected officials and work to help build community violence prevention.

Louisville’s first Metro Youth Cabinet meets to help prevent violence in the city  |  WAVE 3 (2/25/23) 

The city’s first Metro Youth Cabinet met Saturday to strategize recommendations to advise Mayor Craig Greenberg and Metro Council on issues like violence, social equity and inclusion.

Violence Reduction Action Summit  |  Louisville MetroTV (2/23/23) 

Organized by the Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods as an event to direct citizen discussion with the Mayor and OSHN regarding strategies, ideas, and opinions on local violence reduction efforts.


Louisville community members ask for investment in youth at first violence reduction town hall  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org) (2/22/23) 

Dozens of residents and community leaders gathered Tuesday evening to voice concerns and share their ideas for how to reduce violence in Louisville.

Louisville youth advisory board meeting to make recommendations for city officials  |  WHAS 11 (2/22/23) 

The 26-member board will "provide counsel and insight to local governance and to community organizations on issues impacting youth."

Meet the 'YES' team working for youth violence prevention in Kentucky  |  Spectrum News 1 (2/22/23) 

Youth violence prevention is a main focus for Javoughn Brown-Lewis, a member of the Louisville YES Team.

Attendees say they feel hopeful after community meeting focused on reducing violence in Louisville  |  WDRB 41 (2/22/23) 

Some Louisville community members said they have a new sense of hope after meeting with others this week to focus on reducing the level of violence in the city.

Meet the 'YES' team working for youth violence prevention in Kentucky  |  Spectrum News 1 (2/21/23) 

This daytime event connects like-minded organizations which have, among many, the goal to help prevent violence in the city but also support families, children and young adults affected by violence and trauma.

YES! Connection Expo hopes to connect youth-based services with one another  |  WLKY 32 (2/21/23) 

Dozens of youth service-based organizations gathered at Simmons College on Tuesday for the YES! Connection Expo.

Louisville residents voice concerns, share ideas for solutions on reducing gun violence  |  WDRB 41 (2/21/23) 

Louisville's mayor and interim police chief were among the crowd Tuesday evening at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville for the first Violence Reduction Action Summit.

Citizens and city officials meet for a conversation on gun violence in Louisville  |  WLKY 32  (2/21/23) 

It began with Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg reminding everyone there were 10 homicides in Louisville in just the first few weeks of the year.

'Violence Reduction Action Summit' highlights challenges, solutions in addressing Louisville's violence  |  WHAS 11  (2/21/23) 

Louisville's first "Violence Reduction Action Summit" allowed for community leaders and residents concerned with violence to collaborate with each other, the mayor and the Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods (OSHN).

'We need to fix this' | Louisville groups working to turn around troubling trend of youth violence  |  WDRB 41  (2/7/23) 

Many believe focusing on the youth now will be a key to a kinder and safer future.

Louisville mayor marks Gun Violence Survivors Day, announces first community conversation  |  WHAS 11  (2/6/23) 

Those impacted shared stories of hope, but also gave perspective on how violence like this impacts the mental and physical health of the community.

Capacity Building Fellowship Grant  |  Louisville MetroTV  (1/24/23) 

Ten (10) Louisville-based service organizations will each be awarded a $20,000 grant to build their capacity as a powerful, dynamic agent for changing the local violence landscape.

Louisville violence prevention groups can apply for grant  |  WHAS 11  (1/16/23) 

In a news conference last week, Mayor Craig Greenberg called on the public to be 'agents of change.' Now, a city-run fellowship program hopes to help violence prevention groups do just that.

Funding available for Louisville groups working to mitigate violence  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org)  (1/13/23) 

With increased reports of violence in Louisville, the city’s Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, or OSHN, is offering funding to grassroots organizations working to help their communities.

OSHN doubles grant amount for Louisville groups working to reduce violence across city  |  WDRB 41  (1/12/23) 

OSHN said the grants were doubled after Mayor Craig Greenberg's call for the entire community to be in on reducing violence.

'Violent crime emergency:' Mayor, police chief implore Louisville to help combat problem  |  Courier-Journal (1/11/23) 

With 10 homicides through as many days this year, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg at a press conference Wednesday called on the public to become agents of change and help reduce gun violence.

The Night Of Remembrance is held annually on the 1st Friday in Jan. to honor lives lost to gun violence during the previous year  |  Louisville MetroTV  (1/11/23) 

It has been sponsored by The Office for Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods, Interfaith Paths to Peace, The Ace Project, and Moms Demand Action.

Louisville community members gather to remember the lives lost to gun violence  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org)  (1/7/23) 

The fifth annual event, sponsored by the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods and Moms Demand Action, brings together leaders across multiple faiths to offer prayers for those who have passed.

5th annual 'Night of Remembrance' honors victims killed by gun violence in Louisville  |  WAVE 3  (1/7/23) 

Last year, 160 people lost their lives to gun violence in Louisville. Many gathered to make sure they wouldn’t be forgotten.

Annual 'Night of Remembrance' honors victims lost to gun violence in Louisville in 2022  |  WLKY 32  (1/6/23)

Families gathered Friday night to honor victims of gun violence and discussed ways to bring peace to the city.

'Their loved ones not forgotten:' Night of Remembrance honors 2022 Louisville homicide victims  |  WHAS 11  (1/6/23) 

Gun violence has rattled many families in Louisville, and Friday night those who died in 2022 were honored. All 161 names of those killed from violent crime in 2022 were read aloud.

Louisville sees violent start to new year  |  WAVE 3  (1/6/23) 

According to the Louisville Metro Police Department’s report, in 2021, Louisville saw 174 homicides, and last year, there were 160 homicides. Six days into 2023, and some people believe the trend is continuing.

Mother of 2 latest life lost to gun violence in Louisville  |  WLKY 32  (1/5/23)

Six people have died from gun violence just days into 2023.

Louisville organizations to host event to recognize those who died of gun violence in 2022  |  WHAS 11  (1/4/23)

Officials say this event is an "interfaith prayer event that will give a solemn recognition to all individuals killed by gun violence in Louisville during 2022."

ReImagine Network offering help to Louisville organizations focused on violence prevention  |  WDRB 41  (12/19/22)

The ReImagine Network, which is part of the Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, is offering a "capacity-building fellowship" to 10 Louisville-based organizations.

Free mental health counseling may soon be available in your neighborhood  |  89.3 WFPL  (11/15/22)

Dozens of people opted for free therapy appointments that Louisville Metro’s Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, or OSHN, reserved for people experiencing racial, domestic and sexual trauma last month.

Louisville group hosts first networking event to stop youth violence  |  WAVE 11: YouTube  (10/25/22)

Youth Engagement Services (YES!) hosted about 10 different youth organizations at the Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Center Monday on the West End.


Louisville service organizations work together to prevent violence among youth  |  WAVE 3  (10/25/22)

Multiple youth-focused organizations met on Tuesday to discuss and share resources for the city’s expanding youth violence prevention and community engagement efforts.

New city program to focus on youth violence prevention in Louisville  |  WDRB 41  (10/25/22)

Louisville's Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods hosted a networking event at the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center as part of the city's new Youth Engagement Services (YES) effort.  

50 organizations meet to discuss youth violence prevention  |  Spectrum News 1  (10/25/22)

Coming together to target youth violence prevention was an easy yes for 50 organizations and businesses. 

Louisville group to host final Ambassadors Institute Training session  |  WHAS 11  (10/15/22)

OSHN representatives said their ambassador training offers a curriculum designed to train and inform citizens on 'practical violence interventions'.

'Come in and unpack that load': Louisville group provides counseling for men of color  |  WHAS 11  (10/14/22)

One local group is making sure men of color have a safe place to express themselves.

Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods offer free mental health screenings for men of color  |  WAVE 3  (10/14/22)

Louisville’s Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods (OSHN) is encouraging men of color to step up this October and take care of their mental health.

'You don't have anything to lose' Louisville Billboards encouraging men of color to seek free counseling  |  WDRB 41  (10/10/22)

Billboards and bus stop signs are popping up across Louisville, advertising free counseling available this month for those facing daily discrimination, poverty and exposure to violence.

Louisville Metro looks to boost civic engagement with new youth cabinet  |  89.3 WFPL  (10/3/22)

The Youth Cabinet is aimed at getting youth between the ages of 16 and 24 engaged in politics and government.

Louisville Metro is offering free trauma counseling to men of color  |  89.3 WFPL  (10/3/22)

The city’s Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, or OSHN, is making an effort this month to raise awareness about mental health issues and make treatment more accessible, particularly to men of color.

We See You, Sis: Nannette Dix  |  Today's Woman  (10/1/22)

Self-Proclaimed Bootleg Therapist Helps People Find their ‘Aha’ Moment.

OSHN program encouraging Louisville men of color to get free mental help in October  |  WDRB 41  (9/30/22)

OSHN's Trauma Resilient Communities initiative is offering free counseling for Black, Hispanic and Indigenous men suffering from "mental distress caused by daily exposure to environmental violence, poverty and racial injustice."

Could a gun buy-back program help with Louisville's gun violence?  |  WHAS 11  (9/20/22)

As we look toward solutions to the city's growing gun violence, gun buy-back programs come to mind for some.

Faith leaders discuss Louisville gun violence in prayer ceremony  |  WAVE 3  (8/18/22)

Louisville religious leaders gathered at Jefferson Square Park on Wednesday to discuss challenging issues facing the city, including gun violence.

Be the change: Louisville looking for ambassadors for neighborhood program  |  WHAS 11  (8/16/22)

The Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods hosts several ambassador trainings each year to help lower the number of homicides in Louisville.

COVID funds from feds create Louisville's violence prevention network  |  Courier-Journal  (7/12/22)

How Louisville's violence prevention network is trying to stop shootings before they start.

Louisville mayor announces 'Safe Summer Bash' funding for community programs  |  WAVE 3  (6/22/22)

Louisville Metro is providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds for youth-focused programs throughout the city this summer.

Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods ramping up work, partnerships to reduce violence  |  WHAS 11  (5/23/22)

The Metro Louisville agency said their work in prevention and intervention is contributing to violence reduction.

Report: Shootings in Louisville Metro down 40 percent compared to first half of 2021  |  WAVE 3  (5/23/22)

Louisville's Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods has contributed to a 16% reduction in violence and a 40% reduction in shootings compared to last year.

Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods says violence decreasing in neighborhoods  |  WDRB 41  (5/23/22)

The Louisville Metro Government organization that responds to and addresses root causes of violence said its work has contributed to a reduction in violence.

Louisville office combating gun violence through 'public health' approach  |  WHAS 11  (10/5/21)

Instead of focusing on solving crimes after they happen, the office is tasked with creating strategies to prevent violent acts from happening in the first place.

New crime prevention model would cost around $3M to implement in Louisville  |  WDRB 41  (6/7/21)

Mayor Greg Fischer wants to reimagine public safety in Louisville, but it comes at a cost of around $3 million.

Fischer announces new leadership for Louisville’s Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods  |  Courier-Journal  (9/8/20)

A public health expert and a former Louisville Metro Police officer were announced on Tuesday as the new director and faith-based liaison, respectively, of the city's Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods.

Louisville’s Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods Gets New Leadership  |  Louisville Public Media (lpm.org)  (9/8/20)

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has announced new leadership for the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods (OSHN) during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Mayor names Williams, Kelsey to Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods leadership roles  |  WAVE 3  (9/8/20)

Mayor Greg Fischer has named two people to leadership roles for the Louisville Metro Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods.

Teens making a difference in Louisville  |  Spectrum News 1  (6/28/19)

Watch an interview with two of our One Love Louisville Youth Implementation Team Members.

2019 Forty Under 40 Class  |  Louisville Business First  (6/27/19)

OSHN Team Member Nubia Bennett has been named as a member of the 2019 Forty Under 40 class.

2019 BMe Community Genius Fellows  (5/29/19)

OSHN Team Member Lavel White has been selected as a Louisville BMe Communitiy Genius Fellow and recipient of a generous donation towards a community impact project of his making. 

Ignite Louisville Class of Fall 2019  (4/29/19)

OSHN Team Member Lavel White has been chosen as a member of the Leadership Louisville: Ignite Louisville Class of Fall 2019. 



Mayor's Give-A-Day Week of Service 2019

Louisville Ky Image


As part of the Mayor's Give-A-Day Week of Service everyone is encouraged to give back in any way to the community. Members of the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods traveled to Newcomer Academy to assist in painting a new and inspiring mural for students. Newcomer Academy serves students who are in their first year of instruction in the United States and English learners. 

Learn more about this Give-A-Day Week project



National Youth Violence Prevention Week 2019 Recap

National Youth Violence Prevention Week (NYVPW) is a week-long celebration encouraging everyone to promote peace among youth and young adults. The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods acts as coordinator with multiple partners to bring citizens together for some small act that supports youth and community-wide peace.  Did you miss an event during NYVPW? Enjoy some of the video highlights below!

National Youth Violence Prevention Week Kick-off  (4/8/19)

Press conference including a performance by the Young Prodigies and speakers: Mayor Fischer, Fadumo Abdullahi (OSHN Youth Implementation Team), Rashaad Abdur-Rahman (OSHN), Dr. Kate DeFarrari (JCPS), David James (Metro Council President), and Lyndon Pryor (Louisville Urban League)

OSHN NYVPW Community Walk  (4/10/19)

Members of OSHN and partner organizations engaging community members .

OSHN and Partners Community Resource Fair  (4/10/19)

OSHN staff and partner organizations engaging the community and providing resources.

Ignite Louisville Class of Fall 2019  (4/29/19)

OSHN Team Member Lavel White has been chosen as a member of the Leadership Louisville: Ignite Louisville Class of Fall 2019. 


Trauma Resilient Community (TRC) Project Launch


More than a dozen local organizations undergo trauma resilience training  (10/15/19)

Employees from more than a dozen agencies across the city are learning what it means to be a trauma-resilient community.

City will use $5million trauma resilience grant to help families affected by trauma  (4/16/19)

Read about the launch of our TRC Project.

Trauma Resilient Community (TRC) Initiative Grant Launch  (4/9/19)

TRC Initiative Luncheon featuring guest speaker Dr. Wendy Ellis.

City will use $5million Trauma Resilience Grant to Help Families Affected by Trauma  (4/9/19)

The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, Kent School of Social Work and Center for Trauma Resilient Communities launch the Trauma Resilient Community (TRC) Initiative Grant.

$5million Grant will help Louisville Families Suffering from Trauma  (4/9/19)

The Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, Kent School of Social Work and Center for Trauma Resilient Communities launch the Trauma Resilient Community (TRC) Initiative Grant.

UofL partners on $5million initiative for trauma-resilient community  (11/13/18)

Read about the Trauma Resilient Community project announcement from the University of Louisville.

Mayor announces Federal Grant to launch Trauma Resilient Community Initiative  (11/12/18)

Read about OSHN's partnership with the Kent School of Social Work, Centerstone and others through a Dept. of Health and Human Services' Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAHMSA) Grant.

THRIVE Fellowship Announcement  (7/27/18)

Read the Mayor's announcement for our new program.

We must treat violence like a public health issue  (6/13/18)

Read a Courier-Journal op-ed from Alice Bridges, an Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods Advisory Council member.


Connections with Renee Shaw  (2/13/17)

Watch an interview with director, Rashaad Abdur-Rahman and KET's Renee Shaw



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