Mayor's Mentors

Mayor Fischer has created a new program, the Metro Mentors, which allows
employees the opportunity to take two hours of paid time a week to work with
at-risk youth and help them develop the skills, confidence and personal vision
to make the right choices in their lives. Read the complete policy, here.  



BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER’S program mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring supported 1-to-1 relationships. The mentor program targets youth ages 7-18. In this site based program, the Metro mentor will meet the “Bigs” and “Littles” in the school or community center. Call 587-0494 or visit or for more information.

JCPS is seeking volunteer readers, tutors and mentors for the EVERY1 READS program. Through this program, Newburg Middle School has an immediate need for 8 mentors. The Every1 Reads program is an education initiative designed to have every JCPS student reading at grade level. For more information about this program, visit or call 485-8185.

THE RIGHT TURN CAREER-FOCUSED TRANSITION INITIATIVE (Right Turn) of Kentuckiana Works is looking for individuals willing to commit to supporting, guiding and being a friend to youth ages 16-19 years old from targeted neighborhoods in an effort to help develop the youth and reach positive academic, career and personal goals.
For more information, contact 574-4378.

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