Short Term Rental Information

Metro Council directed the Office of Planning and the Planning Commission to carry out a review of the local ordinances concerning short term rentals (STRs) and recommend improvements. The adopted improvements address community feedback received since the 2019 update and issues encountered by staff in administering the regulations.

2023 Short Term Rental Ordinance (Effective September 28, 2023)

​2023 Short Term Rental Regulation Update Information

What is a Short Term Rental or STR?

In Louisville Metro, a STR is defined as a dwelling, such as a residence or apartment, that is rented or leased to a tenant or guest for less than 30 consecutive days.

How Can I See if a STR is Registered?

There is an interactive map on LOJIC that allows you to determine if a STR is properly registered and obtain host information.

Interactive Map for STR Registrations

About the Ordinances

In 2015, Louisville Metro Council passed an initial ordinance to regulate the use of STRs (affecting listings offered on Airbnb, VRBO, and other platforms). City leaders have been monitoring the effectiveness of the ordinance and the evolution of the shared rental economy, resulting in several amendments to the regulations since 2015. The rules pertaining to host responsibilities and annual registration can be found in Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances and the regulations pertaining to zoning can be found in the Land Development Code

A few things to know:

  • STR hosts must annually register each of their STRs with the Office of Planning & Design Services (PDS).
  • STR hosts must also register with the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission and are responsible for remitting the Transient Room and Occupational Licenses Taxes.
  • STR regulations do not supersede lease agreements, homeowner's association bylaws, covenants, deed restrictions, or any other agreement, law or regulation that prohibits subletting or use of a dwelling as a STR (however Metro Government does not enforce such agreements unless party thereto).
  • Failure to register a STR will result in enforcement action, including fines.
  • Advertising a STR that is not registered is prohibited (such as listing on Airbnb, VRBO, or another platform) and will result in enforcement action, including fines.
  • A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) may be required, dependent on the zoning of the property and the residency of the STR Host. CUP applications are approved or denied by a public board of citizens upon following a public hearing. The application must meet certain criteria, including the STR must be at least 600 feet from another STR that received a CUP.
  • The rules vary in some cities in Jefferson County that have zoning authority. Anchorage, Douglass Hills, Graymoor-Devondale, Hurstbourne, Indian Hills, Jeffersontown, Prospect, Shively, and St. Regis Park have not adopted any STR regulations in their Land Development Codes and STRs are thereby not permitted. Lyndon, Middletown, and St. Matthews have adopted STR regulations in their Land Development Codes that are different from that adopted for Louisville Metro. 

In general, the following applies in Louisville Metro. Please reference the ordinances for more and complete information. Rules may vary in some cities in Jefferson County.

  • If you own the STR and it is your primary residence and the property is zoned residential or office residential, you are likely allowed to operate a STR with only an annual registration, which is approved administratively. You will be required to submit documentation supporting your residency.
  • If you own the STR and it is your primary residence and the property is in the Old Louisville or Limerick neighborhood, you are only allowed to operate a STR with a Conditional Use Permit AND an annual registration. A Conditional Use Permit is a discretionary approval and can only be approved if specified standards and criteria are met.
  • If the STR is not your primary residence and the property is zoned residential or office residential, you are only allowed to operate a STR with a Conditional Use Permit AND an annual registration. A Conditional Use Permit is a discretionary approval and can only be approved if specified standards and criteria are met.
  • If the property is zoned non-residential, you are likely allowed to operate a STR with only an annual registration, which is approved administratively.
  • If the property is zoned industrial or within a planned development district, a STR is likely prohibited.

Where is it Legal to Host?

There is an interactive map on LOJIC that allows you to determine if a property is eligible to receive a Conditional Use Permit and/or registration and, if allowed, what process you need to follow. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DATA THIS MAP UTILIZES IS BEING UPDATED TO INCLUDE OR ZONED PROPERTIES THAT MUST NOW BE FACTORED INTO CUP DECISIONS. PLEASE CONTACT STAFF TO VERIFY ELIGIBILITY.

Interactive Map for Eligibility

How Do I Register a STR?

If you only need a STR registration:

  • Register with Revenue Commission to get a Tax Reporting Number.
    • A STR Host only needs to do this once with multiple rentals if reported under the same number.
  • Submit a STR registration form for each property with the Office of Planning:
    • Each form requires a $250 application fee to be complete.
    • Each form requiring primary residency needs at least two documents supporting residency (a Kentucky issued identification card and either voter registration card, vehicle registration, tax record, etc.) to be complete. A residency hearing may be necessary if the information is inadequate. In some cases, an owner will need to show residency at the dwelling for at least 6 months prior to application.
    • Incomplete forms will not be accepted or processed.
    • While Metro will attempt to send reminders, it is the responsibility of the STR Host to know when to renew. Failure to renew can result in penalties or loss of CUP approvals. 

If you need a Conditional Use Permit or CUP:

  • Submit a pre-application for the permit, which involves a conference with staff and a neighborhood meeting. If you want to proceed after the initial feedback from staff and neighbors, submit a formal application for the permit. 
    • An application is limited to a single property.
    • Each pre-application requires a $200 application fee and each formal application requires a $560 (owner occupied) or $1,260 (non-owner occupied) application fee.
    • The process typically take 6 months to complete (may be completed in shorter or longer timeframes depending on circumstances and docket availability).
    • A public hearing by the Board of Zoning Adjustment, or the Planning Commission if attached to a rezoning request, is required as part of the formal application process.
    • If the permit is approved, the STR must be registered with the Revenue Commission and the Office of Planning within 30 days of CUP approval (see above).
    • The STR must remain in good standing and renewed annually or the CUP may be revoked.

STR Conditional Use Permit Process


Are there Penalties for not Getting Approvals?

Yes, failure to register a STR can result in enforcement action:

  • First offense - $125 fine
  • Second offense - $250 fine
  • Third offense - $500 fine
  • Fourth+ offense - $1,000 fine
  • Each day may be considered a separate offense
  • Advertising a STR on a platform without a registration can result in additional fines of $125 per day

How Do I Report an Illegal STR?

If you believe someone is using a property as a STR, but it does not show up on the registry or they are using it improperly (need a CUP, but do not have one), please report the potential violation.


Report an Issue


  • Call 311 (have address of illegal STR and other potential evidence ready)

Helpful Links

Contact Information

For questions about planning and zoning requirements, such as the registration and conditional use permit processes, contact the Office of Planning at (502) 574-6230 or email
  • For questions about tax requirements, contact Louisville Metro’s Revenue Commission at (502) 574-4860.
  • For questions about building permit requirements, contact Louisville Metro’s Office of Construction Review at (502) 574-3321.

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