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7/29/2020 - New Dixie Highway Moves Toward Completion

6/23/2020 Fiber-Optic Cable Installation Underway

5/27/2020 Paving Complete on Dixie Highway

4/27/2020 Final Surfacing Continues On Schedule

3/30/2020 Paving Prep Work Begins on Dixie Highway

2/26/20  New Real-Time Technology for the Rapid

1/9/20  The Rapid is Here

12/2019 Medians complete on New Dixie Highway Project

11/26/19 The End is in Sight for New Dixie Highway Project 

10/29/19 Final Sections of Median Construction Underway

9/30/19  When Will The Project Be Finished? 

8/29/19  All Lanes Open in Vital Section of Highway

7/31/19 Sidewalks are Not for Driving

6/27/19 U-Turns Will Be an Important Part of The New Dixie Highway

5/30/19 Don't Cross Between Construction Barrels

4/30/19 Median Installation to Begin Next Week

3/28/19 Shively Ramp Significantly Safer for Drivers

2/28/19 New Stripes Improve Safety 


A worker installs medians in The New Dixie Highway Project.

Previous Issues:

1/29/19 2018 Progress Report Provides Overview of Work

12/18/18 How Will Winter Affect Dixie Highway Work 

11/27/18: Garrs Lane Traffic Signals Adjusted

10/31/18: Construction Closes Lanes, Limits Left Turns in Shively

8/9/18: “Tiny” Trenches to Hold Fiber Optic Cables for Improved Signaling; Keeping the Public Informed

7/9/18: New Dixie Highway Work Reaches Key Milestone

5/29/18: Innovative System To Support Tree Growth On Dixie Highway; Lane Closure This Week At Millers Lane

5/17/18: Curbing and Sidewalk Work Progressing on New Dixie Highway Project

4/17/18: Work Progressing, Despite Weather Challenges

3/15/18: "Look" for New RAPID Bus Line Unveiled   

1/24/18: Public Meeting Scheduled for 2/15 on New Dixie Highway

12/19/17: New Dixie Highway Prep Work Has Begun

10/31/17: Plans of Median and Sidewalk Placement Available Online

8/30/17: Safety Improvements Begin on Dixie Highway Ramp

7/27/17: Many Projects On Dixie Highway

6/21/17: Making Dixie Highway More Attractive 

5/30/17: Crash Rate Shows Need for New Dixie Highway Project

5/16/17: Sidewalks Coming to 4 Mile Stretch of New Dixie Highway

4/27/17: Final Designs Coming Soon 

4/14/17: Project Team Working To Keep Dixie Highway Business Informed

3/28/17: Smarter Traffic Signals Will Improve Traffic Flow

2/28/17: Planners Develop Detailed Designs for Dixie Highway Landscapes

2/6/17: Bus Rapid Transit Will Make Dixie Highway a Regional Transportation Leader

1/23/17: Smart Traffic Lights Can Adjust to Traffic Conditions 

1/12/17: Limiting Left Turns a Key Safety Move

12/28/16: Gathering Momentum for Dixie Highway

12/15/16: What is Bus Rapid Transit?

11/30/16: Public Gives Feedback on Preliminary Designs

10/24/16: Adding Medians Will Make Dixie Highway Safer