About the New Medians on Dixie Highway

The installation of medians is the most transformative part of The New Dixie Highway project. 

Before installing the medians, sidewalk and gutter work was completed.

The medians are “non-mountable” so passenger vehicles cannot drive over them. Widths vary with available space, with landscaping at key locations. While it may seem counter-intuitive to drivers, restricting mid-block left-turns creates not only a safer corridor, but a more efficient corridor. While some drivers will have to drive slightly further to reach their destination, the improved efficiency and reduction in accident-related congestion means a better traffic flow for everyone.

Drivers are asked to remember that median installation is dangerous for workers because they will be working in the middle of the roadway with traffic on both sides, and to be extra vigilant while they are being installed.

How The New Dixie Highway project will help traffic flow

The New Dixie Highway project is a $35 million investment to improve safety, mobility and livability along the corridor.  The project is concentrating on three major areas of improvement:

  • Roadway safety and design improvements, including raised medians and left-hand-only turn lanes along the most congested and dangerous section (Crums Lane to Greenwood Road)
  • A new Intelligent Transportation System that will improve and coordinate traffic signal timing along the entire corridor
  • The region's first TARC bus rapid transit route, with eight priority buses and 37 highly visible bus stations and stops that will improve travel times for both transit riders and drivers