Governing Bodies

Neighborhood Place has two structures to assure that decision-making is shared by partner organizations, contributors, consumers, and communities. Each established center has a Community Council to provide direction for its center, while the Managing Board guides the network of Neighborhood Places.



Every Neighborhood Place has a Community Council that gives general guidance about services that should be provided through its center and how these services should be offered. Councils consist of 15-21 people; two-thirds reside in the service area, while one-third work, but do not live, in the area.

Overall, one-third of the members must have received or currently receive services. The Councils ensure that there are opportunities for resident and provider input in planning, implementation, assessment, and evaluation; seek opportunities for Neighborhood Place to collaborate with other providers in the area; ensure that services are respectful of families and the diversity they bring; help evaluate the administrator; assess programs; and identify gaps in services. To review the by-laws, please click here.


The Managing Board adopts community-wide goals for the network of Neighborhood Places; establishes desired outcomes to evaluate the effectiveness of the centers; assures a consistent network of service delivery; identifies issues that present barriers to self-sufficiency; assures on-going collaboration among multiple agencies; establishes policies which produce a culturally sensitive, non-duplicative operation; coordinates and approves fund raising activities submitted by Community Councils; and reviews and acts on recommended changes to Community Council by-laws. Membership includes voting representatives of full partner agencies and a voting representative elected from each of the Community Councils. To review the by-laws, please click here.