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Downtown Civic District


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Downtown and Near Downtown Locations

701 W. Ormsby Avenue

  • APCD – Attend Air Pollution Control Board meetings and related meeting, review or submit comments on documents out for public review during the comment period: proposed APCD regulations, proposed air pollution permits, proposed Air Pollution Control Board orders and agreements, Apply for or pay the fee for an air pollution permit, apply for or pay the fee for an asbestos permit for renovation or demolition of a commercial building, apply for or pay the fee for a permit for an open fire (other than a fire solely for personal cooking): recreational fire, agricultural burn or training fire for firefighters, pay a penalty assessed for violating air pollution regulations. 
    (502) 574-6000
  • Resilience & Community Services - The focus of Resilience and Community Services (RCS) is to provide essential services for Louisville residents, especially for low and moderate income populations, including: preventing homelessness; delivering Meals on Wheels; helping families build financial stability and security; operating LIHEAP to help residents stay safe and warm; making microloans to jumpstart small businesses; and supporting eight Neighborhood Places.
    (502) 574-4377

City Hall (6th and Jefferson)
601 West Jefferson Street

  •     Metro Council – Go to a Metro Council meeting, visit your council member, visit the Metro Council Clerk.     

City Hall Annex
611 West Jefferson Street

First Trust Building
200 S. 5th Street

Fiscal Court Building
531 Court Place (Behind Metro Hall)

Fire Headquarters/Fire Prevention Bureau
1135 W. Jefferson Street

  • Fire – Headquarters for Fire Chief Greg Frederick and his staff, location for Truck 1, Engine 2 & Rescue 2 which provide high angle rope rescue, dive rescue, & swift water rescue as well as fire suppression for the community. The Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB) provides free public education materials and has comprehensive files of buildings inspected in the city. This is the location of the CPR Center. The CPR center provides educational materials, supplies and conducts classes for CPR certification as outlined by the American Heart Association.

Hall of Justice (6th and Jefferson)
600 West Jefferson Street

  • Circuit Court Clerk – The Executive Offices are located in the Hall of Justice. This office has general jurisdiction over all court cases, including district and Family. (Note: Circuit Court courtrooms are located in the Judicial Center)
  • County Attorney – Collect a cold check, file a criminal complaint, file a juvenile complaint, file for child support
  • District Court – Warrant Intake, Traffic, Felony/Misdemeanor, Domestic Violence, Drug Court, Mental Inquest/Disability, and Ecology divisions. Fines can be paid here 24/7, emergency protective orders (EPO) are taken here 24/7 on all holidays and weekends (Note: During the week from 3:30 p.m. until 7:30 am EPO's are taken in the Family Court office on the first floor of the Judicial Center), city and county ordinances, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, probate of wills, felony preliminary hearings, small claims, juvenile matters and civil cases involving $4,000 or less are all District Court matters, as well as voluntary and involuntary mental commitments and cases relating to domestic violence and abuse.
  • Police – Pay a speeding ticket. Visit the Police website to report an accident, report a crime or tip, send a request, question or concern, file a complaint, and more.     

Health & Wellness
400 East Gray Street

Human Relations Commission
Alexander Building – 745 W. Main Street 2nd floor

  • Human Relations Commission - The Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission seeks to bridge the many ethnic, racial, and religious groups in Louisville Metro through a combination of civil law enforcement and education & outreach.​

Judicial Center (7th and Jefferson)
700 West Jefferson Street

(Note: Circuit Court courtrooms are located in the Judicial Center)     

410 W Chestnut St # 200, Louisville, KY 40202 (this location does not serve customers)
(502) 574-2500

Louisville Metro Housing Authority
420 South Eighth Street
(502) 569-3400

Metro Corrections (6th and Liberty)
400 South Sixth Street

514 W. Liberty Street (Old Jail Building)

  • Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney | Gerina D. Whethers
    The Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney occupies a critical position in the criminal justice system. Commonly referred to as the District Attorney in most states, the Commonwealth’s Attorney must focus the power of the state on those who defy its laws. As legal representative for the people, the Commonwealth’s Attorney has the duty to seek justice for all.

Metro Development Center
444 South Fifth Street

Metro Hall
527 West Jefferson Street (6th and Jefferson)

Metro Hall Annex
517 Court Place (Directly behind Metro Hall)

  • Human Resources / Human Resources Health & Safety – Apply for a job with Metro Government. (You can also apply online here.)

Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) (8th and Liberty)
700 West Liberty Street
502-587- 0603

  • Metropolitan Sewer District – Many of MSD's services are online. However, customers visit their main office for: customer service issues, service requests, paying assessments, purchasing new connections, development plan reviews, contractor and vendor bidding.

MetroSafe Building (5th and Liberty)
410 S. 5th Street

Property Valuation Administration (PVA)
Glassworks Building – 815 W. Market St. 4th Floor

Records Management & Archives
635 Industry Road
(Corner of 7th Street and Industry)

  • Records Management & Archives - Available for public to visit, featuring genealogy reference library with microfilm from the County Clerk (Late 18th to 20th century information).

Revenue Commission
617 West Jefferson Street

  • Revenue Commission – Register your business, file occupational license tax returns, and pay the appropriate taxes.

Parking Authority of River City (PARC)
222 S. First St., Suite 400
(502) 587-7275

  • PARC – Obtain monthly parking, pay monthly parking, be added to a waiting list, pay parking citation (you can also pay online here), report a broken or malfunctioning meter, purchase a SmartCard

2911 Taylor Boulevard
Louisville, KY 40208
Phone: 502-574-7060

Police Records
701 W. Ormsby Avenue, Suite 001

  • Police – Vehicle accident reports, incident reports, background checks and records checks.

 Vehicle Impoundment Lot (Police)
1487 Frankfort Avenue
(502) 574-7078

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