Visit or speak at a Metro Council Meeting

Want to visit a Metro Council Meeting?
The Council Meetings are held in the Metro Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of Historic City Hall, located at 601 West Jefferson Street.   You can enter the building at the 6th Street entrance or the Congress Alley entrance which is handicap accessible. Check the Metro Council agenda for upcoming meetings.

Want to speak at a Metro Council Meeting?
For Members of the Public: please contact the Metro Council Clerk’s Office at 574-3902 to sign up. 

Here are the guidelines to speak before the Metro Council: 

(a) Only ten (10) residents of Metro Louisville per Council meeting will be allowed to speak; if less than ten (10), then the President may allow a non-resident of Metro Louisville to fill a vacant slot;

(b) Speakers shall be restricted to a maximum of three (3) minutes each and may not share these minutes with any other speaker; however, persons with medically recognized disabilities who are entitled to a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) shall be given an additional minute to speak;

(c) In order to speak at a regularly scheduled Council meeting:

    · a speaker must register with the Clerk office staff.

    · the period to register begins at the conclusion of the prior regularly scheduled Council meeting and ends at 12:00 PM the day before the next regularly scheduled meeting in which the person intends to speak.

     · persons registering with the Clerk may leave their name/alias and address, and shall notify the Clerk of the topic in which they will speak.

      · no more than three (3) persons may speak with the same position on any one topic before the Council at any meeting (i.e., six (6) persons can speak on one topic before the Council at a particular meeting, three (3) in support and three (3) against);

(d) Any materials presented to the Council may be forwarded prior to or following all Council gatherings to the Clerk for dissemination purposes;

(e) Speakers will be granted permission to speak at a regular meeting of the Council after the passage of five (5) consecutive Council meetings from the last meeting in which the speaker spoke. The Clerk will keep a listing of those persons who speak before the Council;

(f) Speakers before the entire Council are not allowed to use props, displays, or any other objects during their presentations. However, informational handouts may be given to the Clerk and distributed in accordance with (d) above;

(g) Persons within the audience are allowed to have signs in the Council chambers that are no larger than 8 ½ x 11 inches. However, such signs may not be attached to any sort of stick and must be displayed in a manner that does not inhibit others from viewing the Council meeting; and

(h) Speakers may not engage in electioneering nor the endorsement or promotion of any commercial product or service.

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