Sidewalks Are Not for Bicycles or Scooters

I've received complaints recently about adults riding bicycles and electric scooters on the sidewalk, especially along Frankfort Avenue, and noticed several myself.  That's a dangerous habit - and it's against the law in Louisville. 

Riding on the sidewalk is a hazard to pedestrians and bicyclists.  The League of American Bicyclists notes that when you are riding on the sidewalk, you  have to deal with many hazards: pedestrians, street furniture, signs, newspaper boxes, etc. These items don’t just make riding inconvenient; they also can make bicyclists invisible to drivers. 

Louisville ordinance provides that no person 11 years of age or older shall operate a bicycle on any sidewalk within the geographical boundary limits of Louisville Metro, and nobody of any age shall ride on the sidewalk downtown. Violations of the ordinance are punishable by fines of up to $50.