Strategic Plan for District 8: One Highlands

Tyler Park

In an effort to be proactive and effective, the District 8 Office will operate according to a strategic plan. Called “One Highlands,” the strategic plan for District 8 is intended to reflect a majority agenda and provide a collective impact framework for District 8 stakeholders to help solve community problems, together. The One Highlands plan is based on campaign promises contained in “S. Brandon Coan’s Plan for District 8”, however it is a living document intended to be revised and amended over time with the advice and counsel of the District 8 Advisory Board and other plan stakeholders.


To unite the neighborhoods and home rule cities of District 8 around a consensus agenda for our community, and to empower District 8 stakeholders to contribute to local government.


District 8 is a safe, clean, beautiful – diverse, inclusive, creative, expressive, gonzo – community of kind people; historic streets and buildings; cherished Olmsted Parks and greenspaces; local, independent businesses; and celebrations of life, love and Louisville. 

2017 Strategic Plan Performance Review  

District 8’s Five Strategic Goals: 4-Year Plan

Change Our Local Politics

We will imbue the office of Metro Council Member with an organizational culture and build new systems to share the power and responsibility for caring for our community with District 8 stakeholders.



Reorient the Transit System

We will invest in accessibility and connectivity to reduce our dependency on single occupancy vehicle trips and places built for cars instead of people. We will promote equity, share the road, slow down and yield to pedestrians.




Protect Our Built Environment

We will practice civil land use politics out of respect for the rule of law, our heritage, our neighbors, the earth and our local economy. We will trust and invest in the systems and processes designed to sustain and guide the growth of our communities and, in exchange, expect our planning efforts to be honored and faithfully executed.



Keep District 8 Clean & Beautiful

We will embrace an ethics of outdoor stewardship and educate the public to enjoy public spaces responsibly. We will hold bad actors accountable for harmful and destructive behavior, and we will leave District 8 better than we found it.





Organize Against Crime

We will develop organizational capacity and focus on communication to prevent crime. We will be a destination of welcome for all, but we will not tolerate violence or intimidation of any kind.