Participatory Budgeting & District 8 Spending Information

Participatory Budgeting (PB) in District 8

Each year, every Metro Council District receives Neighborhood Development Funding (NDF) (historically in the amount of $75,000, $65,000 in FY2020) for Metro Government projects, programs or operating grants to eligible non-profits. Click here for the NDF Application. Applicants are strongly encouraged to call the District 8 office to discuss requests prior to submitting application.

Council Districts also receive Capital Infrastructure Funding (CIF) (historically in the amount of $100,000).

I believe the people of District 8 should have greater say over how this money – their money – is spent, so I'm proud to have introduced Our Money, Our Voice, Louisville's first participatory budgeting initiative.   

Until such time as PB is in full effect, I intend to prioritize District 8 spending on planning and infrastructure over operating and event grants, although I believe a mix of all are important.  In some cases, this will mean reducing, eliminating or requiring matching fund amounts to both future and past NDF grantees.  I realize this change might create short-term difficulties for some organizations that have come to depend on NDF to support their operations but I have a fiduciary duty to taxpayers that exceeds charitable giving. 

Each Metro Council Member also receives Cost Center funding (historically in the amount of $30,000, $25,000 in FY2020) annually to pay for expenses to run his or her office.

District 8 Spending Under Councilman Coan

A few general policies of note:

  • We will provide up to 1/2 of the cost of neighborhood plans and projects.
  • We will provide up to $1,500 for special events that take place in District 8 and generally attract persons from across the city of Louisville, and up to $500 for such events that generally attract persons from within District 8 only. All events must be free and open to the public for consideration.
  • We budget 3% ($2,250) of District 8 NDF to support events and other eligible activities outside District 8 at which District 8 residents are welcome.
  • While we recognize the many charitable runs and walks through Highlands’ streets benefit important causes, we will not be funding these events.  

District 8 FY 2020 NDF Budget 

District 8 FY 2020 CIF Budget

District 8 FY 2020 Cost Center Budget 

District 8 Historical Spending 

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