Eight More Miles: The Louisville Metro Council District 8 Podcast

Episode 28: LMPD Fifth Division Major Aubrey Gregory (published 7/11/19; recorded 7/9/19) iTunes Soundcloud Spotify

Episode 27: Centre College Professor Beau Weston (published 6/13/19; recorded 6/10/19) iTunes Soundcloud 

Episode 26: Councilwoman Nicole George (published 5/17/19; recorded 5/16/19) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 25: Congressman John Yarmuth (published 4/17/19; recorded 4/15/19) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 24: Highland Middle School Principal Chris Burba (published 3/13/2019; recorded 3/12/2019) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 23: Louisville Water Company Vice President of Communications and Marketing Kelley Dearing-Smith (published 2/12/2019; recorded 2/8/2019) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 22: Metro United Way President and CEO Theresa Reno-Weber (published 1/15/2019; recorded 1/15/2019) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 21: Councilwoman Angela Leet (published 11/30/2018; recorded 11/27/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 20: Louisville Public Media President Stephen George (published 11/8/2018; recorded 11/7/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 19: Center for Health Equity Manager Aja Barber and Community Outreach Coordinator Monica Leslie (published 10/15/2018; recorded 10/2/2018) iTunes Soundcloud 

Episode 18: Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles (published 9/4/2018; recorded 8/28/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 17: Louisville Regional Airport Authority Executive Director Dan Mann (published 8/1/2018; recorded 7/17/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 16: Mo McKnight Howe and Joe Heron (published 7/3/2018; recorded 6/28/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 15: Layla George, President/CEO of Olmsted Parks Conservancy (published 6/4/2018; recorded 5/31/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 14: Tina Ward-Pugh, Director of the Office for Women (published 4/30/2018; recorded 4/26/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 13: Jeff Brown, Assistant Director of Public Works, Streets and Roads Operations (published 4/1/2018; recorded 3/30/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 12: Foodie Girl Lindsey McClave (published 3/1/2018; recorded 2/23/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 11: Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith (published 1/20/2018; recorded 1/24/2018) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 10: Tyler Allen and JC Stites (published 1/4/2017; recorded 12/20/2017) iTunes Soundcloud 

Episode 9: Dr. Tom Owen (published 11/21/2017; recorded 11/21/2017) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 8: Mike Rutherford (published 11/2/2017; recorded 10/27/17) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 7: Dr. Chris Kolb (published 10/2/2017; recorded 9/27/2017) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 6: LMPD Fifth Division Major Aubrey Gregory (published 8/21/2017; recorded 8/17/2017) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 5: Courier Journal Metro Government reporter Phillip M. Bailey (published 8/1/2017; recorded 7/20/2017) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 4: Louisville Forward Chief Mary Ellen Wiederwohl (published 7/3/2017; recorded 6/26/2017) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 3: Public Works Director Vanessa Burns (published 6/5/2017; recorded 5/30/2017) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 2: Senator Morgan McGarvey (published 5/1/2017; recorded 4/20/17) iTunes Soundcloud

Episode 1: Jerry Abramson (published 4/3/2017; recorded 3/16/2017) iTunes Soundcloud

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