District 8 Neighborhoods & Home Rule Cities

Interactive Louisville Neighborhoods Map

Our neighborhoods are only as strong as our neighborhood associations, so please join yours today! 


Alta Vista Neighborhood Association

Kyle Noltemeyer, President

Lisa Causarano, Interim Vice President

Ana Nouri, Secretary

Paul Slakie, Treasurer


Belknap Neighborhood Association 

Patrick Carrico, President

Timmie Butler, Vice President

Margie Dukes, Secretary

Molly Stanley, Treasurer

[email protected]


Bonnycastle Homestead Association

Alison Cromer, President

Maria Doyle, Vice President and Communication Secretary

Eileen Peterson, Vice President and Recording Secretary

Norma Bisig, Treasurer

[email protected]


Braeview Association

Robynne Gardner, President

Ginger Mehling, Secretary

Darrin Hines, Treasurer


Cherokee Triangle Association 

Leslie Millar, President

Bob Picken, First Vice President

Kristen Miller, Second Vice President

Wes Cobb, Treasurer

Lea Hardwick, Secretary

[email protected]


Deer Park Neighborhood Association

Bob Atkin, President

Charles Puckett, Vice President

Tim Darst, Treasurer

Dustin Edge, Secretary

[email protected]


German Paristown Neighborhood Association

Judy Magre, President

John Gonder, Vice President

Steve Magre, Treasurer

Mary Hardesty, Secretary

[email protected]


Highlands-Douglass Neighborhood Association

Sherry Cornell, President

Barbara Berman, Vice President

Mary Bentley Houk, Secretary

Brandt Ford, Treasurer

[email protected]


City of Kinglsey

Rebecca Beld, Mayor

Marilyn Whisler, City Clerk

Tom Schlindwein, Treasurer

Lesa Ferguson, Commissioner (city picnic, sidewalks)

Beryl Ward, Commissioner (landscaping, snow removal, Facebook)

George Burns, Commissioner (road repairs, drainage, signage, speed humps, special road-related projects, Taylorsville Road Safety Project)

Aliki Russ, Commissioner (holiday events, waste management, NextDoor, Airbnb, new resident greetings)

[email protected]


Original Highlands Neighborhood Association

Jim Schorch, President

Nate Knopf, Vice President

Donald Rios, Treasurer

Elizabeth Brown, Secretary

[email protected]


City of Seneca Gardens

David Brown, Mayor

Andrea Diebold, Commissioner

Amie Schulten, Commissioner

Ryan Kieth, Commissioner

Patty Anderson, Commissioner

Michael Hayman, Arborist

Jason Sanders, Treasurer:

Schuyler Ott, City Attorney

Margaret Jones, City Clerk

[email protected]


Seneca Vista Neighborhood Association

Angie Carlson, President

Kim Kennell, Vice President/Webmaster

Patty Payette, Secretary

Anna Flannery, Treasurer

Brian Barnes, Compost Chief

Joyce Elder, Neighborhood Watch


City of Strathmoor Manor

Brian Cobb, Mayor

Susan Stopher, Commissioner & City Clerk

Kathy Barber, Comissioner & Communications

Kathy Zandona, Commissioner & Maintenance

Bob Peterson, Commissioner & Treasurer

Joe Renzi, Chief, Strathmoor Village Police Department

John Harrison, Attorney

Pat Colgate, Bookkeeper


City of Strathmoor Village

Mark Klein, Mayor/Treasurer

John Hauber, Commissioner (Roads, Sidewalks)

John Barrow, Commissioner (Trees, Beautification, Events)

Tim Schroering, Commissioner (Signs, Lights, Sanitation)

Betty Manek, Commissioner (Bookkeeper, Property Tax Inquiries)

Sheila Kaelin, City Clerk (Meeting Agenda, Records, Minutes)

John Harrison, City Attorney

Mike Lamey, Chief, Strathmoor Village Police Department

[email protected]


Tyler Park Neighborhood Association

Kristen Millwood, President

Shawn Reilly, First Vice President

Beth Long, Second Vice President

Manny Carralero, Treasurer

Janet Dakan, Secretary

[email protected]


Upper Highlands Neighborhood Association

Serving both the Gardiner Lane and Hayfield Dundee Neighborhoods

Honi Marleen Goldman, President

Siobhan Sheehan, Vice President

Julia Leist, Treasurer

Amy Straub, Secretary

[email protected]