How District 7 Spends Your Tax Dollars

Council members are allocated funding for the following three accounts in each Metro Budget:

Capital Infrastructure Accounts (CIF) - $100,000 to be used toward capital projects.  Click here to view District 7 capital projects since January of 2015.

A note about the District 7 Capital Infrastructure Account:

The Republican members of the Metro Council pool their capital infrastructure funds to make a greater impact in our districts by funding larger projects. Pooling our funds has allowed us to fix roads, build longer sidewalks and improve parks more quickly. In total, Republican members of the Metro Council have allocated 76% of all discretionary spending for paving/sidewalks with the remaining 24% going towards park improvements. District 7 has seen significant projects funded through this pooling process like, the Ormsby Lane Sidewalk project, funding for the Northeast Regional Library, a new boat ramp at Cox’s Park and more.

Neighborhood Development Funds (NDF) - $75,000 discretionary spending account. Click here to see how District 7 NDF have been used since January of 2015.

Each Metro Council member receives $30,000.00 annually for the operational costs of running their office. You can click here to view all District 7 operational expenditures. Please note that at the end of the fiscal year, June 30, any remaining funds from a Metro Council member’s district operational budget are transferred to the Metro Council’s administrative budget to be used for special projects in City Hall.

Archived reports from the previous representative (2003 - January 6, 2015):

  • Operating Budget - Click here to view all District 7 office account expenditures since January 2003. 
  • Capital Infrastructure Accounts (CIF) - Click here to view District 7 capital projects since 2003.
  • Neighborhood Development Funds (NDF) - Click here to see how District 7 NDF have been used since 2003.