Louisville Metro Crime and Police Strength Data

Take a moment to look at this data on crime trends in District 26.

Click the images to see crime data for District 26 and all Metro Council Districts.

These reports show some dramatic increases in criminal activity in neighborhoods across Louisville and Jefferson County, particularly in non-violent crimes like theft, burglary, auto theft, and narcotics.

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Crime Trends in District 26

All Crime 2014-2016

All Non Violent Crime 2014-2016

Presently Louisville has about 18.1 police officers per 10,000 residents.  That number is far below the national average for Louisville’s peer cities and is an average that has been static since the inception of Metro Government.


FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Data

The number of full time police officers per 10,000 residents for cities given in certain populations

Please share this data with friends and families across Louisville so they can be better informed about public safety and criminal activity trends where they live, work, and raise their family.

Metro Louisville Crime Trends 2014-2016 (All Crime)

By Metro Council District

Metro Louisville Crime Trends 2014-2016 (Non Violent)

By Metro Council District

Councilman Ackerson has introduced a Resolution calling for earmarking money to hire an additional 100 police officers to patrol Metro streets and fight crime. 

The Resolution is intended to facilitate more discussion by the Metro Council on the rise in crime in areas other than the “hot spots” where the homicides are occurring. 

The Councilman believes that the data supports a conclusion that with the rise in violent crimes and homicides in certain “hot spot” areas of Louisville, the police resources and officers are being pulled from other areas of Louisville to the “hot spots” and our public safety resources are being stretched too thin.

Metro Council discussions about the dramatic increase in crime have been related to homicides and the crime “hot spots” in Louisville. Here is an overall look at what officers make runs on during th emonth:

LMPD Compstat Data Report

A Breakdown Report for January/February of LMPD Divisions and Patrol Beats 

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