South Floyds Fork Area Study Information

South Floyds Fork Area Study

The South Floyds Fork Area Study is an ongoing process resulting in a visionary plan that will provide guidance for authentic, healthy, equitable, sustainable, and well-connected growth in the South Floyds Fork area. The recently completed 4,000 acre Parklands of Floyds Fork is a transcendent asset for Louisville that includes four major parks linked by a park drive, an urban trail system, and watershed. The Parklands will spur development and increase population in the area. The South Floyds Fork Area Plan will serve as a guide for future development and infrastructure investments in and around the study area.  

Louisville Metro has contracted Fregonese Associates as the lead consultant to facilitate this process. An Advisory Group has been recommended by Metro Councilman Stuart Benson, and appointed by Mayor Fischer, to assist in the guidance of this update.

The approximate study area is bordered by Bardstown Road and Shelbyville Road to the north and south and the Gene Snyder Expressway and the county line to the west and east.   

South Floyds Fork Area Plan Organizational Chart 


Advisory Group Kick-Off Meeting (8/2/17)



Neighborhood Planning Overview

Consultant Intro Presentation

Advisory Group Kick-Off Meeting (9/21/17): Jeffersontown Fire Department (10540 Watterson Trail)


Public Workshop (10/17/17): Gheen Lodge at Parklands of Floyds Fork (1421 Beckley Creek Parkway)

South Floyds Fork Vision Community Workshop Presentation

October 2017 Workshop Polling Results by Question

Initial Mapping Results - South Floyds Fork Vision