About Julie Denton

Julie Denton was elected in 2014 to succeed Jerry Miller as Councilwoman for Metro Council District 19.  She serves the suburban cities of Blue Ridge Manor, Douglass Hills, Middletown and Woodland Hills, as well as many neighborhoods including Arlington Meadows, Berrytown, Beckley Woods, Copperfield, Eastwood, Lake Forest, Locust Creek, Polo Fields and Shakes Run.

Councilwoman Denton is currently Vice Chair of Appropriations, and a member of Public Safety and Appointments Committees.

A graduate of the University of Louisville, with a Bachelor of Science, Julie has her own business, The Denton Group.

Councilwoman Denton is married to Barry Denton, a retired sergeant and bomb squad commander from Louisville Metro Police Department.  He is currently Senior Vice President of Mission Advancement at Masonic Home of Kentucky. They have four children.  

Julie is excited to serve Metro Louisville.  She wants to utilize her 20 years of experience as a Kentucky state senator to improve our city and move it forward.