About Julie Denton

Julie Denton was elected in 2014 to succeed Jerry Miller as Councilwoman for Metro Council District 19.  She serves the suburban cities of Blue Ridge Manor, Douglass Hills, Middletown and Woodland Hills, as well as many neighborhoods including Arlington Meadows, Berrytown, Beckley Woods, Copperfield, Eastwood, Lake Forest, Locust Creek, Polo Fields and Shakes Run.

Born in Louisville Julie lived here until the age of 10. Her father, who worked for General Electric, was transferred to Minneapolis, Minnesota and then to Orange County, California. When she was 16, her father was transferred back to their hometown, Louisville.

A graduate of the University of Louisville, with a Bachelor of Science, Julie practiced dental hygiene for many years. She is currently a realtor with RE/MAX Associates and sells residential real estate. Julie also was a co-founder and co-owner of a small business, which operated in over 20 states before she sold her interest. 

In December of 2014 Julie retired from the Kentucky State Senate after twenty years of service. While in the Senate she sponsored and passed numerous bills. Of those, three are of particular importance to her.  In 2005, Senate Bill 24 was passed which increased the number of screening tests for metabolic disorders that newborns were given before leaving the hospital.  As a result, hundreds of babies’ lives have been saved who otherwise would have died.

Another important piece of legislation that Julie sponsored was Senate Bill 104 in 2007.  It provided Crisis Intervention Training for police officers, statewide.  This training equips officers to handle persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse issues or a combination of these conditions, thus decreasing the likelihood of physical confrontation.  It also increases the chance these individuals will receive the appropriate help they need.

In 2014, Julie sponsored and passed Senate Bill 124.  This historic piece of legislation legalized the use of hemp oil, through the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky, for individuals with debilitating seizure conditions.  This bill has the potential of saving the lives of Kentucky citizens with one of these conditions and improving their quality of life.  

Julie has received numerous awards recognizing both her support for small business and her passion for improving health care. In 1998, she received The Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and Legislator of the Year Award from the American Legislative Exchange Council.  In 1997, she was awarded the Better Life Award from the Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities for her work in the areas of Medicaid and long term care. In 2000, Julie received the Carl D. Perkins Service Award from the ARC of Kentucky for her commitment to persons with disabilities. In 2003 she received the Distinguished Public Service Award from the Kentucky Psychological Association.

Councilwoman Denton is married to Barry Denton, a retired sergeant and bomb squad commander from Louisville Metro Police Department.  He is the current Executive Director of the Louisville Metro Police Foundation. Julie has four children, 2 still at home, and her nephew lives with her.   She stays very busy with her council duties, community affairs, and the activities of her family.  Julie is excited to serve Metro Louisville.  She wants to utilize her experience as a state senator to improve our city and move it forward.