District 18 Capital Infrastructure Fund and Neighborhood Development Fund Policy

As your member of the Metro Council, I have adopted a more stringent policy for the allocation of Capital Infrastructure and Neighborhood Development Funds for District 18. This policy is based on my pledge to use discretionary funds to fix our current roads and sidewalks, to address our transportation needs, and to allocate funds to projects that serve the greatest public purpose.

My policy will support the following types of projects: paving, road improvements, speed bumps, signage, lighting, park equipment and support for other tangible assets that have a life expectancy of at least five years.

As your District 18 council representative, I pledge to only spend your tax dollars on items that have a definite public purpose, and will be utilized in a manner whereby accountability is not in question, and gains the maximized impact for your tax dollar.

Thank you, for the opportunity to serve as your District 18 representative. Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions regarding this policy or any other issue pertaining to District 18.

FY18-19 Capital Infrastrucure Fund Report

FY18-19 Neighborhood Development Fund Report