Dixie Highway Improvement Project

Dixie Highway Improvement ProjectDesign work began on the Dixie Highway Improvement Project in December 2013, which is often referred to as the Dixie Do-Over. This project seeks to stimulate investment and redevelopment along Dixie Highway by providing safer pedestrian connectivity facilities, providing safer vehicle movements, and improving the appearance of the corridor.   

Phase 1 of the project will focus on the area between Crums Lane on the north and Rockford Lane on the south. The project has been broken down into five phases and is intended to cover all of Dixie Highway, from Oak Street to Interstate 265. Phase 2 will focus on Rockford Lane to Greenwood Road. 

The project will deliver safety improvements for motorists and pedestrians by adding new sidewalks and lighting, widening some existing sidewalks and redesigning medians. There will also be improvements to transit, stops, signage and landscaping throughout the area. We intend to install solar panels, which would pay for new street lighting rather than requiring businesses to fund them, and are excited about bolder additions, such as a promenade through the median. You can check out images of the intended project here.  

This is a real opportunity for us to have some vision beyond just our own little section of Dixie and we are very excited about this project. Be sure to sign up for our eNews where we will publish updates about the project as they develop. 

You can read the full Dixie Highway Corridor Master Plan here