Meet The Team

The staff at Louisville Forward combines business attraction, expansion, and retention activities with all of the city’s real estate functions and talent development to present a unified solution for job growth and quality of place. 

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   Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, Chief of Louisville Forward

Mary Ellen Wiederwohl



Mary Ellen Wiederwohl leads Louisville Forward – the city’s, integrated approach to economic and community development.





   Rebecca Fleischaker, Director of the Department of Economic Development

Rebecca Fleischaker



Rebecca oversees the economic development arm of Louisville Forward and works daily to attract new companies to Louisville, as well as help businesses already located in our city expand. She also directs the Small Business Development team.

Email Rebecca, or call her at (502) 574-2974.






Business Cluster Project Managers


   Sierra Enlow

Sierra Enlow, Louisville Forward, Louisville, Economic Development, Business Services, Business Retention, Business Expansion



Sierra specializes in working with businesses in the Business Services sector and serves as the representative for the Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED) Board of Directors.

Email Sierra, or call her at (502) 574-4596.





   Alex Mercer

Alex Mercer


Alex specializes in the Logistics and eCommerce sector and supports economic development of businesses in the Advanced Manufacturing sector.

Email Alex, or call him at (502) 574-6279.






   Joshua McKee

Joshua McKee


Joshua focuses on workforce development and works closely with Kentuckiana Works to grow Louisville's high-skilled talent pipeline.

Email Joshua, or call him at (502) 574-1526.






   Ben Moore

Ben Moore, Benjamin Moore, Louisville Forward, Economic Development, Logistics, Lifelong Wellness and Aging Care, Louisville Metro Government, Louisville, Pride



Ben specializes in working with businesses in the Lifelong Wellness and Aging sector, as well as the Louisville Film Commission.

Email Benjamin, or call him at (502) 574-1379.





Small Business Development Team


   Tommy Clark

Tommy Clark




Tommy focuses on central and south Louisville and specializes in real estate opportunities.

Email Tommy, or call him at (502) 574-6822.






   Christy Jarboe

Christy Jarboe, Louisville, Louisville Forward, Small Business, Small Business Development, Highlands, Louisville Metro Government, Economic Development, Business Plan



Christy focuses on development in east and northeast Louisville and specializes in providing resources and information for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced business owners.

Email Christy, or call her at (502) 574-6235.





   Scott Love

Scott Love, Small Business, Small Business Development, Louisville Forward, Economic Development, Louisville Metro Government, West Louisville



Scott focuses on small business development in west Louisville and supports local entrepreneurial startup opportunities.

Email Scott, or call him at (502) 574-1346.






   Jordan Turner

Jordan Turner, Small Business, Louisville, Louisville Forward, Economic Development



Jordan focuses on small business startup and development at the Nia Center Business Clinic.

Email Jordan, or call him at (502) 574-1140.

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