About the Healthy Hometown Movement

Photo of the mayor and people biking, walking, kids eating fruits and veggiesThe goal of the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement (MHHM) is to create a culture of health and wellness in our hometown with a vision of becoming one of the healthiest cities in America.

Preventing disease and maintaining good health is easier when people and communities are surrounded by environments where the healthy choice is the easy choice. 

Improving health is everybody's business so we work to convene, connect, and communicate through public-private partnerships that leverage resources to establish healthier places, programs and policies toward making Louisville one of the healthiest cities in the country. 

The Mayor's Healthy Hometown Movement Leadership Team, modeled after the National Prevention Council, brings together key leaders throughout Metro Government who oversee organizations that impact residents' abilities to make healthy choices in their homes, child care facilities, educational facilities, workplaces and neighborhoods. This Mayoral initiative is designed to dramatically improve the health of Metro Louisville residents by using a health in all policies approach.This approach considers the health ramifications of all government policy, particularly in such areas as community design and land use planning, housing, transportation, education, and fiscal sectors.  We want to put health at the heart of the public policy process and to further evidence-based policy making.

The Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement (MHHM) Community Coalition is an umbrella partnership, dedicated to transforming community and public health across Louisville Metro. It embraces a prevention-driven health-in-all-policies perspective, applies a learning collaborative model, facilitates active community engagement, and prioritizes equity.

The Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Community Coalition is made up of four committees that reflect the four current focus areas of our efforts: 

Active Living Committee works to make active living a way of life that integrates opportunities for physical activity into daily routines. Promote active environments and transportation. 

Cartoon Louie with text bubble "Under Control"Chronic Disease Prevention Committee works to make preventing chronic disease a priority for all Louisville Metro residents, engaging all sectors – health and primary care, behavioral and public health, as well as the community. 

Healthy Eating Committee works to make healthy eating of fresh fruit, vegetables and other foods the easy choice for residents of all ages and incomes, for every meal, every day.  

Tobacco-Free Living Committee wants to make tobacco-free living the easy choice for all Louisville Metro residents, of all ages and incomes, regardless of space, place or setting. 

Schools, work sites, faith organizations play an important role in the Mayor's Healthy Hometown Movement because they can have an impact across all four committee areas.

If you’re interested in learning more contact us.

The Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement is directed by Dr. Joan Schulte, director, Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness, in cooperation with a leadership team of all Louisville Metro agency directors to inform the development of organization and legislative policies that impact health.