Goal 5: Deliver Better Fire Protection

Goal Description: 

Fire Service delivery systems differ based on the type of organization, budget, administration, and available resources; Metro Government should continue to ensure that same level of service delivery, including the use of national standards and best practices as benchmarks.

Update / Why is this important?: 

Citizens of Louisville need to be provided with the best level of fire protection services available from their local fire department or fire protection district.

Moving forward, this goal will be transitioned to Louisville Fire's department strategic plan as we continue to evolve and align the City's Strategic Plan with the agencies that support its ongoing progress. 

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The nineteen (19) fire departments/fire districts in Metro utilize the same Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system through MetroSafe Communications Center; the CAD data can be utilized to provide geographical information on incident locations, response times, workloads, and potential problem areas for different types of emergency responses.  Routine reports from this system can provide important information to stakeholders to improve services.

Update: An RFP has been completed for a records management system that would be available to all Fire Departments within Metro Government.  Two vendors have responded and the advisory group is now developing recommendations for all  the fire chiefs.

The response data and additional activity reports should be used to evaluate response performance and workloads in the entire Metro area in order to assist fire departments/fire districts with information on areas that may need improvement. 

Updates are only available for the Louisville Fire Department.  The Louisville Fire Department has completed the Commission on Fire Accreditation International fire service accreditation requirement.  The accreditation process validated the Louisville Fire Department’s Standard of Cover and determined the Louisville Fire Department uses best practices for fire protection.

Make information on fire protection delivery methods such as closest unit response available to the citizens through a collective website.

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Over the years, significant improvements have been made in protecting our citizens through local legislation including Ordinances for Smoke Detectors, Hazardous Materials, Sprinkler System Retrofit in high rise buildings, pyrotechnics, and many more. 

Metro should continue to work with State and Federal Legislators to create, amend, and implement legislation that enhances public safety, including legislation that prohibits exemption of safety standards such as residential sprinklers.

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