Goal 4: Improve Citizen Interaction and Transparency

Goal Description: 

Improve Citizen Interaction and Transparency by continually expanding our digital offerings and presence as well as increasing transparency, availability and usability of information and data.

Update / Why is this important?: 

Online government interactions provide convenient services for citizens and businesses and improve the cost effectiveness and accuracy of government operations.  Providing data online allows for greater transparency of government operations as well as  increased opportunities for entreprenuership.

Health Legend

Goal or initiative is completed.
Goal or initiative is not started but is expected to start on time.
Goal or initiative is in progress, on schedule, and expected to be completed on time.
Goal or initiative is not started and is overdue or goal or initiative is in progress, but behind schedule and has an issue that will affect completion date.
Goal or initiative is in progress, but behind schedule and has an issue that may affect completion date.

Initiative Health: What are we doing to accomplish this?

The following are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Goal 4. 

Goal 4: Initiative 1 Total Number of Online Services MetrowideOver the past year, we worked in conjunction with Metro departments to determine what additional future services should be offered online. We received over 100 requests for new online services, many of which will be made available throughout the next year. Metric: In January, 2014 our baseline number of online services was 104. As of December 31, 2015 there were 218 interactive online services, representing an increase of 108%.

Open Data by DepartmentMetrowide number of Open DatasetesThe Department of Information Technology is in the midst of a project to improve the Open Data Portal, utilizing DKAN by NuCivic, which will add new interactive features to improve the quality and usability of open data offerings.

MetroTV has a proposed plan to improve digital communications partly by increasing their social media presence. We also plan to increase records digitization for online searchable archived records. Increasing and improving our usage of GovDelivery by exploring other communication features will allow us to continually push desired information to citizens.

Create and release a Request for Proposal in order to contract with a vendor that will assist us in building desired future mobile apps. Currently awaiting funding to start this initiative.

The Open Data Strategic Roadmap will be created after our Open Data Portal is developed on the new platform, January/February 2016, in order to determine the new process for publishing and updating open data.

Create a Strategic Roadmap for Online Services that results in departments taking full ownership in the implementation of new online services. We need to put together and share a formal plan with all departments' leadership, web and tech resources. 

Increase services available online to citizens by implementing text-based services. We have researched options and have pricing bids and are currently awaiting funding approval.