Goal 19: Foster a Culture of Creativity and Innovation

Goal Description: 

Inspire, encourage, and celebrate environments, events, and partnerships that make Louisville the place for curious and creative individuals.



Update / Why is this important?: 

Fostering a culture of creativity and innovation will support Louisville's continuing establishment as an innovative, world-class city. By creating this environment, Louisville will become more competitive in attracting and retaining the talent and businesses it needs in order to compete among other 21st century cities.

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Initiative Health: What are we doing to accomplish this?

A communication plan has been identified to be a critical key to the success of this goal. We expect the scope of the communication plan to include an innovation calendar, posting learning, creativity, and innovation events and opportunities to increase citizen awareness and ease of information finding. This initiative will also focus on increasing the Metro Government employee awareness of these events using internal marketing strategies and coordinating with local regional and national media to highlight innovation and creative activity in the community. 

This initiative will track the strategic recruiting and planning of events offered locally. The scope is expected to focus on recruiting national, high-quality events. The intent is to bring an increased supply of learning and networking opportunities with creativity and innovation leaders. As event recruitment grows, an Innovation Tour is proposed within this initiative to establish a path for interested parties to become acquainted with the local creativity & innovation scene.

Examples of recent success:

Upcoming events:

  • Bourbon & Food Festival
  • 2nd Annual National Summit on Government Performance & Innovation, co-hosted by Governing Magazine     

A key component to the success of this goal is the establishment, acknowledgement, and retainment of partners that contribute to creativity and innovation opportunities in our community. This initiative is focused on identifying partners and creating official partner charters to establish the purpose and scope of each partnership. The intent behind this goal is to establish a strong base for the growth and sustaining of partnerships.

Examples of recent success:

  • $5 Million Bloomberg Philanthropies Innovation Delivery Team Grant
  • Brookings Institute
  • Results for America, Inaugural Moneyball Fellowship City
  • What Works Cities Initiative

Opportunities for creativity and innovation take investment, and this initiative has been created to capture the related investment efforts. Three main categories have been identified under this initiative: civic accelerators, city accelerators, and education/training opportunities. 

Examples of recent success:

  • Living Cities City Accelerator Inaugural Cohort City
  • Department of Labor $2.9 Million Workforce Innovation Fund Grant

This initiative focuses on the groundwork that supports the growth of innovation and creativity. We will track and support the progress toward broadband improvements to support businesses with innovative momentum. This initiative will also take a look at the creative settings currently offered around the city, work with the communication plan to highlight the use of these areas, and identify gap areas where creative settings can be improved.


Examples of recent success:

  • In 2015 Louisville was selected as a candidate to become one of the next Google Fiber cities. The required checklist from Google has been completed. Google is currently reviewing all information and will notify us in the future of next steps.  
  • Launched the West Louisville Neighborhood Wi-Fi Project, which initially provided free internet to three spots in the Russell neighborhood, and grow to cover more of West Louisville.    
  • The Cultural Pass provided by The Gheens Foundation, Louisville Metro Government and 30 local art and cultural organizations offersr free experiences for our community’s youth. Over 51,000 passes were distributed in 2014. As a result, many of the participating organizations saw an increase in the number of visitors and first-time attendance spiked. The Louisville Free Public Library (the primary distribution point) realized a 16% increase in completion of their Summer Reading Program and a 9.5% increase in children’s book circulation.