Goal 16: Decrease Abandoned Structures

Goal Description: 

Decrease abandoned structures to no more than 10% of all structures within Louisville Metro.

2707 Garland Avenue

Update / Why is this important?: 

Healthy neighborhoods are fundamental to a strong, vibrant city. In an effort to enhance neighborhood safety and property values, we must decrease abandoned properties.

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Initiative Health: What are we doing to accomplish this?

Community Services grant funding to the Legal Aid Society provided foreclosure prevention legal services to 13 clients in the first quarter of FY16.  Between July and December 2015, funding for the Urban League's Center for Housing and Financial Empowerment provided counseling and education to 755 clients.  176 clients were assisted by the Urban League's Foreclosure Prevention Program, 74nof which were able to retain their homes.

The goal for the Office of Management and Budget's Office of Accounts Receivable in FY16 was to increase lien collections by 7.5% over FY15, which equates to an increase of $200,000 per year to $2.9 million collected annually.  As of the second quarter of FY16, $1,408,035 has been collected, and we feel that we will meet our goal of $2.9 million.

The 12-month goal for initiated foreclosure cases was 100 properties.  The number of foreclosure cases initiated for the period of November 2014 through October 2015 was 115.

Property acquisitions totaled 28 for the 12-month period beginning November 2014 and ending October 2015.  Acquisition outcomes are currently dependent upon the volume of foreclosure cases getting to public auction, voluntary donation offers from property owners, Real Estate Owned (REO) donations from financial institutions and bankruptcy settlements negotiated with bankruptcy trustees.

Metro demolition referrals are generated by inspectors who enforce the Property Maintenance Code.  Each demolition referral is evaluated on its physical condition and the impact on the surrounding neighborhood and residents.  Demolition staff works with preservation experts and advocates to find alternatives that both preserve historic structures and put abandoned properties back into productive use.  We have increased our capacity to process more cases in a timely fashion.  This has allowed us to exceed our 12 month goal for demolitions by over 25%.  The goal for November 2014 through October 2015 was 100 demolitions.  The actual number of demolitions for this time period was 129.