Goal 11: Revitalize Our Parks and Enhance Recreational Opportunities

Goal Description: 

Continue the tradition of a City of Parks by providing our community parks and Jefferson Memorial Forest with new or renovated amenities and programs, while completing the Louisville Loop, continuing to revitalize the historical Olmsted Parks, and supporting The Parklands of Floyds Fork.

Update / Why is this important?: 

Metro Parks provides an improved quality of life to everyone in the community regardless of age, gender or social equity.  

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Goal or initiative is completed.
Goal or initiative is not started but is expected to start on time.
Goal or initiative is in progress, on schedule, and expected to be completed on time.
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Goal or initiative is in progress, but behind schedule and has an issue that may affect completion date.

Initiative Health: What are we doing to accomplish this?

Facility Improvements: 

Wireless technology has been installed at a total of 5 community center sites (Beechmont, California, Mollie Leonard Portland, Shawnee and Southwick), and two more are in process at Sun Valley and Shelby.

Public Recreation Improvements:

Two DesPres Park tennis courts were renovated and Sun Valley Park has tennis and basketball courts in planning.

1.8 miles of walking paths have been completed between PeeWee, Sun Valley, and Highview Parks.  Planning for two more walking paths are underway at Shelby Park and Riverside Gardens.

Beyond ongoing maintenance and inspection duties, in 2014 Cherokee Park received a new swing set and planning & design for six more playground improvement projects began for Pee Wee, Petersburg, Riverside Gardens, Sun Valley, and Willow Parks.

Metro Parks and Recreation has Louisville Loop projects active for the following segments: Ohio River Levee Trail, Downtown to Prospect, Middletown-Eastwood Trail and Extension, Algonquin, Southern, and Southwest Parkways, Jefferson Memorial Forest, McNeely Lake Park, and Campground Road.

The following progress was made in 2014:

6 Community Centers had extended hours over the summer, 3 sites changed to day-long open programming, replacing traditional summer camp and serving more youth, and additional on-site programs were offered including Hip Hop Dance, Kentucky Science Center, Louisville Visual Arts Association, Performing Arts Camp, and Rip the Mic poetry workshops).

Two awards have been dedicated for parks programs/events, 'Recreation on the Go' and 'National Wheelchair Basketball Championship'.

Two community centers are officially JCPS Learning Places, and two more are in process.

31,000 meals were served over the summer of 2014 to youth at the community centers.

20 Google Chromebooks have been received to be installed at community centers for public use​.

Increase partnerships with organizations like Olmsted Conservancy, Metro Parks Foundation, Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Sports Commission, Neighborhood Organizations, JCPS, Wilderness Louisville, Southwest Dream Team, 21st Century Parks, Inc., and others to expand operational and capital funding and programming opportunities. 

In 2014, 10 partnerships have made significant progress: $15,470 was raised for tree plantings via Louisville Metro Parks Foundation; multiple programs will be provided via SoJourn Baptist Church; a horse arena has been renovated via GE Appliance Park and Bone Dry Waterproofing; an equestrian program continues to grow via Mary Midkiff; college campus tours are offered via Hope4KY; College & Career Corners are being updated via VISTA; 2 basketball camps will be offered by Robbie Valentine; a talent show series via DJ Reggie Reg will be offered; and youth development programs will be available via Learning for Life.