Strategic Plan - 2017


"My dream for Louisville is to create a clean, green, safe and inclusive city where people love to live and work. This Six Year Strategic Plan is a roadmap for getting us there."

- Mayor Greg Fischer


We’re continuing to make progress!

As we enter the fourth year of our strategic plan, there is dramatic change happening throughout our city – in our built environment, in our economy, in the global brand we’re establishing for ourselves, and in the ways we live, work, learn and interact with each other. We are a city in transformation, and that is good, because we live in a world of transformation. Yet, as a city, our goal is to do more than keep up with the pace of global change; it’s to leap ahead. And that does not happen by accident. The Six-Year Strategic Plan is our roadmap -- and you will see that we are making measureable progress on the five Strategic Objectives and 21 goals we outlined in 2012-13.




Strategic Documents