Mayor Fischer's 100-Day Plan


This action plan starts on January 7, 2019 and runs through April 17, 2019, with specific goals built around over-arching themes for the administration: Lifelong Learning; Equity, Resilience and Compassion; Safe and Healthy City; Vibrant Economy and Place; and Innovative and Operationally Excellent City.    


Theme: Lifelong Learning

Successful cities embrace lifelong learning. Louisville Metro Government creates and supports learning opportunities for our employees, and champions community learning through the Cradle to Career/Louisville Promise initiative. LMG will fully support C2C’s “whole child” focus (mental, physical and social development), as well as a post-secondary promise scholarship and the lifetime training required for successful 21st century careers. Supporting the Ready4K Alliance and JCPS are integral to this goal. LMG will also work with UofL and other higher education institutions to create best practices in Town and Gown relations. The end result of lifelong learning is an equitable, high performance city where all citizens’ human potential is thriving.


Goal #1 - LMG will continue its work to support Cradle to Career, identify opportunities for all agencies to support the organization, conduct and complete fiscal analyses, fund-raise for the scholarship, and recruit additional partners for SummerWorks and Academies of Louisville.



Theme: Equity, Resilience, and Compassion

Louisville is committed to creating a culture of equity, resilience and compassion, by addressing structures and systems that prevent residents from achieving their full human potential. The plan integrates equity in Metro procurement to best practice levels and ensures the workforce and its leadership are representative of the community. LMG will champion community policies, practices and culture change initiatives that advance equity, and examine issues and recommend policies to encourage investment without displacement. This includes the work of Lean Into Louisville, which aims to provide education and initiate conversation, which in turn prompt community action to overcome all forms of discrimination. Our community-driven Resilience Plan makes our community more resilient to shocks and stressors by addressing the challenges faced by Louisville’s most vulnerable populations, our environment (including MSD’s Critical Repair Plan) and other issues related to climate change.  Advancing our sustainability work is imbedded in this goal. Our compassion work builds on the Compassionate Schools Program, mindfulness and emotional health improvements, affordable housing progress, support of veterans and expansion of the Give A Day Week of Service into a year-long culture of service.


Goal #2 - Define short-term response around homelessness

LMG will work with community and partner organizations to implement and monitor the plan to tackle the immediate challenges of homelessness in our community.  The team also will draft a plan for ongoing services for the unsheltered population, create short-term storage options, and expand Shelter Works, a job-training program for homeless people.


Goal #3 - Release the 100 Resilient City Strategy

LMG will release the 100 Resilience Strategy document in conjunction with the Compassionate Index for Louisville.


Goal #4 – Launch Lean Into Louisville

LMG will launch Lean Into Louisville, including a public press event, arts events, a summit of community organizations, while also hosting special learning events at locations around the community, beginning training to prepare for community conversations, welcoming national partners for related events, and continuing fundraising to support activities.



Theme: Safe and Healthy City

Our administration’s highest priority is public safety.  This theme includes our public health system’s work addressing the root causes of poor health outcomes, violence and inequity, with an emphasis on the social determinants of health. Actions involve building equity among residents in housing, economic opportunity, education, environmental quality, transportation, digital inclusion and criminal justice. Continued attention to address substance use disorders, homelessness and trauma is included in this goal.

This work will accelerate co-production of safety by our citizens, LMPD, OSHN, Corrections and LYDC, through a comprehensive six pillar violence reduction strategy consisting of enforcement, prevention, intervention, organizational change, community mobilization and reentry, as well as our work in Black Male Achievement. The next stage of this work includes ongoing improvement of SafeStat 2.0, including participation of our criminal justice system. LFD and EMA improvements are imbedded in this goal.

LMG works to create sustainable, clean and healthy air, water, and soil. Keeping our city clean and green, as it relates to our streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, building appearance, parks, is included here.

Significant improvement of the physical health of LMG employees is also included in this theme.


Goal #5 - Create SafeStat 2.0  

LMG will continue to build momentum around its public safety strategy with its internal cross-functional team, which will focus on developing an analytics strategy to support data-driven decision making to inform city initiatives.


Goal #6 - Build the Trauma Resilience Plan

LMG will implement the Trauma Resilient Cities Project, which will impact 400 families, 200 service providers, and 50 organizations across Louisville.

Theme: Vibrant Economy and Place

Key to Louisville’s success is the emphasis of innovation and globalization to assist in the transition of our five economic development clusters: Wellness and Aging Care Innovation, Logistics and E-Commerce, Advanced Manufacturing, Food and Beverage (including Bourbonism), and Business Services. Increasing good-paying jobs, advancing median wage compared to peer cities, attracting millennials, foreign-born, and post-secondary degree and skill holders are a focus of this goal. Our work to achieve a location quotient of 1.0 with tech skills is included here, as is advancing SummerWorks and our work with JCPS’ Academies program. This work also leverages arts, parks, recreation, our museums, libraries and zoo as attractors for growing jobs. This goal improves quality of place through advancements in our built environment, building on the $13 billion in capital investments announced, underway or completed in the past four years, including regenerating Russell without displacement. This work involves the implementation of Vision Louisville and Move Louisville, and the list of associated transformational projects. Through our work, we are creating an entrepreneurial, equitable, dynamic economy and quality of place that drives business growth.


Goal #7 - Prepare and publish a plan to radically scale our predicted tech talent job growth by 5X by 2022 in concert with employers, education partners and other training providers


Goal #8 - Complete the Clean Collaborative Plan

Collaborative, cross sector agencies and external partners will educate, enforce and revise tools to make Louisville a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable city.


Goal #9 - Build Town & Gown partnership and plan with UofL and other higher education partners

Mayor Fischer and his Senior Staff will focus on strengthening relationships with the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky, Jefferson Community and Technical College and other higher education partners. Through these partnerships, collaborative opportunities will be identified to drive planning, placemaking and research.


Theme: Innovative and Operationally Excellent City

Louisville has a global reputation for performance improvement and innovation through the use of data, technology, crowd-sourcing, smart city strategies and problem-solving to increase operational and fiscal performance for and create breakthroughs with all departments. This theme builds on that reputation.  We will use data and technology to drive transparency, functional excellence within each department, and prepare the city to adapt quickly to future challenges. We will continue to engage community stakeholders in our innovation work, along with national, corporate and philanthropic partners. We will enhance our improvement systems through better planning, resource allocation and monitoring and diagnosis of our performance and budget outcomes. We will address the pension cost challenge and continue our work as responsible stewards of public funds by matching our revenues with our expenditures, maintaining our credit ratings and receiving clean audits.


Goal #10 - Create a budget with balanced revenue and expense in light of pension challenges

Document the efficacy of Metro’s services while developing a balanced FY20 spending plan with options for both revenue enhancements and expenditure/program reductions or a combination of the two.  Seek legislative support as necessary to enact either or both of the revenue and expenditure options to provide Metro a structurally balanced budget.


Goal #11 - Launch Smart City plan

LMG will publish its Smart City plan and announce a major Louisville Fiber Infrastructure Technology (LFIT) major milestone. Also, LMG will continue its community engagement through quarterly open data meetings and CNET apartment open houses.