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"My dream for Louisville is to create a clean, green, safe and inclusive city where people love to live and work. This Six Year Strategic Plan is a roadmap for getting us there."
- Mayor Greg Fischer

We’re continuing to make progress!

As we enter the 10th year of our strategic plan, there is dramatic change happening throughout our city – in our built environment, in our economy, in the global brand we’re establishing for ourselves, and in the ways we live, work, learn and interact with each other. We are a city in transformation, and that is good, because we live in a world of transformation. Yet, as a city, our goal is to do more than keep up with the pace of global change; it's to leap ahead.

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“Louisville Metro Government is the catalyst for creating a world-class city that provides all its citizens with safe and vibrant neighborhoods, great jobs, a strong system of education and innovation, and a high quality of life.”

“Louisville is a safe city of lifelong learning and great jobs, wellness, and compassion.”

City Values:
Life-Long Learning, Compassion and Health

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Fischer Administration Team Values

Integrity and Transparency
Having integrity means we are completely forthright in our dealings. Our efforts, practices and policies will be transparent. Integrity builds trust. We respectfully say what needs to be said, not simply what people want to hear. There is soundness and completeness between what we say and what we do. We keep our commitments.

Trust and Respect for All
Mutual respect and trust are basic to establishing effective working relationships with our citizens and colleagues. We value equity, inclusion, open communication, and diverse opinions. Trust is created as we relate openly with one another in a spirit of fairness, honesty, respect, and compassion. Trust builds relationships, opportunities, and actions that make our community and the world a better place.

Teamwork and Partnerships
High performing teams are core to our success. Aligned teams leverage our combined talents, planning, and problem solving skills to accelerate learning and achieve a shared vision. The collective ability of our teams and partnerships allows us to proactively and reactively perform at a pace that significantly out- performs our competition.

Improvement and Innovation
We constantly improve tax efficient, citizen-centric services so Metro government is recognized among the best public service systems in the world. We are relentless in the pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation for the benefit of all of our residents and visitors. We seek involvement from all corners of Louisville and the world to develop our systems and provide the communications and training needed to implement them effectively. We think and work systematically to optimize our actions and outcomes.

Positive People Living to Full Potential in a Healthy and Resilient Community
We believe that engaged, healthy people with positive attitudes produce superior results and are fun to be around! A resilient, sustainable community and world are central to our plans and actions.

Sense of Urgency
We have a very large job to do with limited time. We leverage technology to increase our speed and quality of operation. Our work is designed and executed to produce superior, ever improving results in a rapidly changing world.

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Citizen's Bill of Rights


I. CONVENIENT ACCESS Every citizen has the right to prompt, efficient service from Metro Government. As mayor, I will work to expand the services available at county government centers and on the internet to meet the demands of the people of Louisville Metro. It should be easy to do business with Metro Government.

II. TRUTHFUL ANSWERS AND EXPLANATIONS Every citizen has the right to straightforward and honest information in connection with any significant decision made by the mayor. I will publish and make available the reasons behind my decisions on all significant public matters.

III. QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE Every citizen has the right to be treated like a valued customer, with dignity and respect. As taxpayers, citizens are customers of Metro Government and are entitled to courteous, professional service from employees who are intent on solving their problems.

IV. TIMELY NOTICE Every citizen has the right to advance notice of projects and proposals affecting his or her home, business, or neighborhood. As mayor, I will provide citizens with the knowledge necessary to participate in local affairs.

V. INCLUSIVE AND TRANSPARENT PROCESS Every citizen has the right to be involved in government and have his or her voice heard at Louisville Metro Hall. As mayor, I will create a culture of inclusiveness and maintain open communications with the community. To understand diverse viewpoints, answer questions, and promote dialogue, I will keep regular open office hours and hold countywide community forums to meet with citizens and business owners and listen to their concerns.

VI. FOCUS ON RESULTS Every citizen has the right to a team of Metro employees that strives to be the best in the world in job performance. As mayor, my leadership team will model and set a standard for diversity, joy in work, and the pursuit of continuous and breakthrough improvement.

The purpose of this Bill of Rights is to empower the citizens of Jefferson County to join as equal partners in Metro Government. Together, we have the ability to improve the quality of life for all citizens in every corner of our community. I commit to being your steadfast partner in pursuit of this noble goal.

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Strategic Documents

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Sustain Louisville
2013 Progress Report
Healthy Louisville 2020
Creating a Healthier City
Progress Louisville
2014 Annual Report
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Louisville Ky Image
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Investing In Our Future

2014-2015 Detail Budget

Vacant and Abandoned Property

Neighborhood Revitalization Study 

Evaluation Discussion 

2014 Discussion

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Louisville's Blueprint

Phase 1 

1 Love Louisville 

Phase 2 

Vision Louisville 

2013 Vision Report 

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Coming Together 

Substance Discussion



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