Travel Receipts

Travelers are required to attach itemized receipt to the transaction expense in Concur with details including Traveler(s) by name, the name and location of the establishment, dates of stay, rates, occupancy, and description of each charge.

If you do not have a receipt for your purchase and you have made every attempt to get one from the vendor, fill out the Missing Receipt Affidavit in Concur. The Missing Receipt Affidavit does not substitute for a receipt – it may be used if a receipt is lost and unable to be obtained. However, the use of the form will be recorded and repeat offenders could face revocation of their travel card. 


In Concur, go to "Expense"
Go to “Manage Expenses”
Move the transaction to a new report or select the transaction that has already been assigned to an exisitng report and needs a receipt.
Select the drop down menu “Receipts”
Select “Missing Receipt Affidavit”
Select the Expense that requires a receipt
Select “Accept & Create

A receipt will be automatically generated and linked to the expense