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To Save You Time

The information you are requesting may already be online on this site.  The city's website is designed to provide easy access to a variety of records right at your fingertips.  For instance:

  • Our 311 MetroCall site and our department contact pages are available if you simply wish to ask a question. The most popular question we receive is, "When is my next junk pick up date."  If you go to the city's homepage, and scroll down to the bottom to the MyLouisville tool, you can enter your address and find out.
  • Look for an Internal Audit report.
  • Visit our transparency page for questions about how government spends your money, to see our most current contracts, revenue sources, budget documents from 2003 to current year, our Louisville Checkbook, with specific listing of all government expenditures by vendor or agency, government audits, salaries and more.​
  • Voting location, elected officials, neighborhood boundaries & other maps.

If you’re looking for information (vs. actual documents or records), please contact the appropriate agency through their contact page.

Submitting a Request:
An open records request submitted under the Kentucky Open Records Act should contain as much specific information as possible to allow us to identify the correct document or record in a timely manner. If you want to find a specific type of record under the Kentucky Open Records Act (KORA) (learn more), you may use the form below.

If the request is confined to one department, that department will respond within the required KORA timeframe of three* Metro working days from date request is received. If records are not immediately available or held by multiple agencies, we will provide a timeframe for when you may expect to examine or receive copies of those records.

If you are not sure which Metro agency might hold the records you need, you may submit a General Open Records Request form to the Office for Management and Budget, the records custodian for Louisville Metro Government, and that agency will coordinate with any other agency or agencies on your behalf. Louisville Metro records are held in accordance with the Kentucky Department of Library and Archives Records Retention and Destruction Schedule if you wish to check in advance to see if the records you seek are still likely to be available. You may also contact our Louisville Metro Government Division of Archives if you wish to conduct research at that facility.

You are only required to provide your name and e-mail address or preferred contact method and a description of the records sought, although completing every field will be helpful. Please be sure your e-mail address is entered correctly if that is your preferred contact method. For more information about your right to review public records, please visit the website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Attorney General, and review the publication titled Protecting Your Right to Know. KORA allows standard cost recovery charges; typical charges may be reviewed here (link to copy charge list).

* Louisville Metro Corrections

For purposes of calculating the response time, the Kentucky Department of Corrections, KRS 197.025(7), as amended by the 1998 General Assembly, extended the standard three day deadline for response to five days. That statute provides and has been found applicable by the Kentucky Attorney General to the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections: KRS 61.880(1) to the contrary notwithstanding, upon receipt of a request for any record, the department shall determine within five (5) days after receipt of the request, excepting Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, whether the record shall be released. Thus, the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections will provide a response regarding availability of responsive records within five (5) Metro working days.

Metro Council:

Louisville Metro Government does not serve as records custodian for the Louisville Metro Council. The Metro Council has its own policy. To see the Metro Council’s website, click here.

You may obtain general records (ordinances, meeting minutes, etc.) from the Louisville Metro Council Clerk at (502) 574-3902.