Reporting Fraud

This information is for Metro Government cardholders only:

Immediately contact the PCard and Travel Services at 502.574.3636 and follow the procedure for Reporting Fraud given below.

Defining fraud cases

Fraud is unauthorized use of a card by a third party. Common fraud situations include:

  • Swiped transactions after the card has been lost or stolen
  • Charges from a website where the cardholder has not made a purchase or is not waiting for an order
  • A swiped transaction occurring outside of the cardholder’s home area, and the cardholder still has his or her card (counterfeiting).

Items to remember with fraud

  • Fraud cases should be initiated by phone, rather than by mail or fax. Please do not try to start the claim as a dispute through Access® Online. (See below: Reporting fraud)
  • Because a third party has gained access to your account information, we are required to cancel your card. We will replace it with a new number and plastic.
  • If the fraud charges post to your new number, you will receive a credit to your new account and will be sent an “SOF” (Statement of Fraud) form to confirm that you did not authorize those transactions.
  • The SOF must be completed and returned to the Fraud Department by the due date on the letter.
    • Once the SOF is received, and investigation will be done to determine who is responsible for the fraud.

      • If it is discovered that the cardholder participated or benefited from the charges, the account will be re-billed, and the claim denied.

        If the claim is resolved in the cardholder’s favor, the credit will remain on the account permanently.

  • The SOF will be mailed to the cardholder address on file. If you prefer to use a different fax number or mailing address, contact the Fraud Department to request these changes.

Reporting Fraud

Contact Cardmember Service at 800.344.5696. Your current card will be canceled for your protection, and you will receive a new card with a new number.

  • The Service Advisor will transfer you to our Fraud department (866.879.4005), where a representative will review the current activity on the account with you.
  • The Fraud Representative will initiate the case by marking the authorizations and/or transactions that have posted to the account that are believed to be fraudulent transactions.
  • An SOF form will be generated based on the posted fraud transactions and mailed out within 3 weeks of the call. If a case is started on authorization activity and the transactions never post, and SOF letter will not be created, and the case will be closed.
  • A final resolution letter will be sent at the end of the claim.


What if I have a question regarding fraud?

  • Questions on initiating a fraud case:
    • Contact Cardmember Service at 800.344.5696. They will ask you questions and then transfer you to our Fraud department.  Both departments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Questions on existing fraud cases:

    • Contact U.S. Bank’s Fraud Operations Team at 866.879.4005.  They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • If assigned to case processors, you may contact them directly at their extension.
    • You may also call Cardmember Service, using the number on the back of your card. They will connect you with the appropriate fraud representative.

Responding to Fraud Alerts from US Bank

US Bank monitors carholder accounts for suspicious activity. A hold may be put on the PCard if a transaction appears to be fraudulent, this hold can only be removed if the transactions in question are verified. US Bank's fraud department will reach out to the cardholder if this occurs and ask for verification of the transactions.

The PCard Office is a secondary contact and will be notified if the Cardholder is not able to be reached. If the transactions are not legitimate, the PCard will be placed on a hold until the issue is resolved.


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