PCard Program User Agreement

Using the Procurement Card is a privilege and a responsibility. Use of the Procurement Card is contingent on your adherence to the rules and regulations set forth by Metro. It is vital that you read each statement carefully to insure that you fully understand the key policies.  

  • I will use the Procurement Card for authorized purchases only and not use the card for the restricted commodities set forth in the Procurement Card Policy or for personal use.
  • I understand that misuse of this card may result in disciplinary action, up to and including TERMINATION of employment, and I may be personally liable to Metro for personal charges.
  • I understand that Metro will audit the use of this Procurement card and I agree to provide all information requested in a timely manner.
  • I understand that by using the Procurement Card, I will be making financial commitments on behalf of Metro and that Metro will be liable for all charges made with the Procurement card.
  • I understand that I must reconcile my transactions within the time limits specified in the OMB Procurement Card Policy and failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the card. I must retain all required original receipts to be submitted with the monthly expense report.
  • I acknowledge that transactions cannot be split in order to avoid the transaction limit. It is a serious violation of the OMB Procurement Card Policy to deliberately purchase related items on different days from the same vendor to avoid the transaction limit.
  • I acknowledge that Metro is sales tax exempt and it is my responsibility to inform vendors of the exemption status at the time of purchases and provide documentation of the status if requested. Any purchases made that include Kentucky sales tax may result in the loss of card privileges. I am responsible for getting a credit from the vendor for any tax that is paid.
  • I agree to allow Metro to collect any amounts owed by me for personal purchases even if I am no longer employed by Metro.
  • I understand that Metro may terminate my rights to use this card at any time, for any reason.
  • I agree to return this card to Metro immediately upon request, upon transfer to another department or upon termination of employment.
  • I acknowledge receipt of the OMB Procurement Card Policy and agree to comply with the terms & conditions in this and any subsequent revisions of the policy.
  • I agree to accept responsibility for the protection and proper use of this card according to the terms set forth in this policy. I am the only individual authorized to use the Procurement Card assigned to me.  It is not transferable to any other individual.
  • I will immediately report the loss/theft of this card and/or difficulties with the card to the PCard Office.
  • I have reviewed and agree to stay current with Metro’s Procurement Card policy