Meals/Per Diem



Louisville Metro will furnish M&IE (Meals and Incidental expenses) based on the Per Diem rates allowed per the GSA.

Definitions: Per Diem from Federal Travel Regulation 300-3.1

Meals – Expenses for breakfast, lunch, dinner and related tips and taxes.  Specifically excluded are alcoholic beverage and entertainment expenses and any expenses incurred for other person(s).

Incidentals – Expenses for fees and tips given to porters, baggage carriers, and hotel staff are examples of incidentals that are reimbursable to an employee.

The Per Diem Meal allowance must be adjusted for meals furnished to you while on business travel.  For meals provided on the day of departure and the last day of travel, the entire allocated meal cost must be deducted from the decreased M&IE rate (GSA 301-11.101).  Concur allows the traveler to adjust Per Diem based on meals provided and then calculates the Per Diem to be reimbursed to the traveler.

Additional Per Diem meal guidance for Louisville Metro Travelers

  • Receptions – not considered a meal to deduct
  • Reception with dinner – considered a meal to deduct
  • Continental Breakfast included in hotel stay – not considered a meal to deduct
  • Continental Breakfast on agenda as part of event – considered meal to deduct

Travel Services - Per Diem Policy

  • Travel cards shall not be used to purchase any type of food or drinks. 
  • Per diem allowance is provided to Travelers to compensate for meals and incidentals. The compensation provided is the federal GSA rate based upon the destination, travel schedule, and supporting documents.
  • Per diem will be processed upon return from the trip and submission and approval of the Traveler’s expense report.
  • Per diem will be provided to the employee on the next available paycheck.