FY13 Approved Budget

The spending plan for city government for the 2012-2013 fiscal year that began July 1 totals $513 million in general fund dollars.  


All budget documents are in PDF format. 



Revenue Estimates and Receipts Summary

Revenue Estimates and Receipts Table

Where the City's Revenue Comes From

Chart: Where the City's Revenue Comes From



Appropriations (Spending):

Summary of Appropriations – General Fund

Summary of Appropriations – All Funds

Summary of Fund Balances



Organization Chart:

Personnel Summary

Metro Government Organization Chart



Budget Summary (All Funds):

Metro Government Operations



Department/Agency Operating Budgets:

Mayor's Office

Louisville Metro Council

Office of Internal Audit


Chief of Public Safety

    Louisville Metro Police Department

    Louisville Fire

    Emergency Medical Services

    Emergency Management Agency/MetroSafe

    Department of Corrections

    Youth Detention Services

    Criminal Justice Commission

    Public Works & Assets

    Codes & Regulations


Chief of Community Building

    Parks & Recreation

    Community Services & Revitalization

    Public Health & Wellness

    Human Relations Commission

    Louisville Zoo

    Louisville Free Public Library

    Metro Animal Services


Chief of Economic Growth & Innovation

    Economic Growth & Innovation


Chief Financial Officer

   Office of Management & Budget


Chief of Staff

    Human Resources

    Metro Technology Services


Related Agencies

    Related Agencies


Other Elected Officials

   Jefferson County Attorney

   Jefferson County Clerk

   Commonwealth Attorney

   Jefferson County Coroner

   Other Statutory Obligations



External Agencies

    External Agencies Summary



Capital Budget:

Capital Budget



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