Card Security/ Possession

Metro’s PCard is to be protected by the same safeguards that are applied to the security of a personal credit card. The cardholder is to keep the card secure at all times. Because all work spaces are not equipped in the same fashion, it is left to the discretion of each cardholder to determine where the most secure place would be depending on the specific nature of their responsibilities and the constraints of their physical work space. Cards found to be in the possession of someone other than the cardholder are subject to cancellation. 

Additional card security measures include:

  • Do not copy the card or write the card information in another location.
  • If a vendor requests the 16 digit card number and other card information on a form for ordering purposes, redact the information from any paperwork that is kept on file.
  • Card information should never be sent as plain text in the body of an email.
  • Card information should never be faxed.