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Louisville Badges

Louisville's internal Data Governance group and the Office of Civic Innovation created a city-wide initiative called "Badges".  

Employees can earn Badges by doing breakthrough innovation, continuous improvement, and daily work.  

The goal is to encourage us all to learn new skills and to be better equiped to serve our citizens.



Badge Tracks

Currently there are three tracks: Data Scouts and Innovation Pioneers and Cyber Security.  

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  1. Data Governance Badge Site
    1. Data Scouts track
    2. Innovation Pioneers track
  2. Cyber Security Badge Site
  3. Resilience and Community Services
  4. Human Resources

We anticipate more tracks coming in 2019 from other departments, like Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, Information Technology, and the Health Department.

Note you can do more than one track at a time!  Just get another physical card and submit your evidence online.

How It Works

You visit our badge website, browse the available badges, pick the ones that interest you, and submit evidence when you complete one. Then you've earned a badge and it's added to your online profile.

Badge Tracking Websitelsvll.io/badges

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Physical Cards

We have created physical cards that match the size of your employee ID cards, so you can carry your achievements around and show off the badge program to get others involved.

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When you get a card, you write you name, pick a track and add the sticker to your card, then add badge stickers as you complete each badge.

There are levels 1, 2 and 3 within each track, and if you complete 10 badges in a track, you've completed it: congrats!


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Rewards are earned at different each level (2, 6, and 10 badges) and for completing a track. They include digital and physical items. 

Level 0 (just choose a track and sign up online)

  • Physical card to track badge progress - clip to your Employee ID
  • Physical round badge stickers for your card as you complete them
  • Digital tracking of your progress on the website and building your online profile
  • Email signature bling - add badges to your email sig as you complete them


Innovation Department 

Rewards for Data Scouts and Innovation Pioneers:

Level 1 (2 badges complete)

  • Physical Badge sticker for lid of your computer

Level 2 (6 badges complete)

  • Code for LouieLab door access

Level 3 (10 badges complete, track finished)

  • Printed award certificates
  • LinkedIn recommendations from an Innovation Team member
  • Leadership recognition at Data Governance event
  • Year end group lunch with Michael Schnuerle, Grace Simrall or other Innovation Department members
  • Mayor's Day of Celebration recognition

You can get your physical rewards by stopping by the OPI offices, or at our Data Governance monthly events.


DoIT: Cyber Security

Rewards for Cyber Security track:

Level 1 (2 badges complete)

  • Physical Badge sticker for lid of your computer

Level 2 (6 badges complete)

  • Metro Cyber Security challenge coin

Level 3 (10 badges complete, track finished)

  • Printed award certificates
  • LinkedIn recommendations from Cyber Security CISO
  • Leadership recognition at Data Governance event
  • Annual group lunch with James Meece and other Cyber team members

You can get your physical rewards and badges by stopping by the James Meece's office in DoIT.


Human Resources

Rewards for the Human Resources track:

Level 1 (2 badges complete) - choice of one:

  • A personalized ink pen

  • Choice of a snack from the HRIS snack stash

Level 2 (6 badges complete) - choice of one:

  • $5 gift card to: Starbucks, Heine Brothers, Subway, Quiznos, or Jimmy John’s

Level 3 (10 badges complete, track finished) - choice of one:

  • $10 gift card to a local attraction (ex. distillery tour, local museum, etc.) or to a movie ticket (ex. Fandango)

You can get your physical rewards and badges by talking to Keaton Montgomery in HR.


How To Participate

Please reach out to anyone on the planning team (see below) and we can talk to you about the details. 

If you are in the Data Governance group you will hear more about the program by email and at our meetups.  

Here's how you can get started:

  1. Visit the Badge website, create a free account, and upload a photo of yourself.
  2. "Join" the badges you would like to try and obtain.  This helps you track and organize your progress.  
  3. See which badges are in which track (Data Scout or Innovation Pioneers) to decide which you'd like to complete first.
  4. As you complete badges (or if you've already done some of them), just submit the required evidence and we'll get it approved.
  5. Contact us to get your physical card, and come to our meetups to get the physical stickers as you complete each badge.

About the Data Governance Group

We are made up of 60 cross-departmental city employees who work with data in some way.  We have regular trainings on the data lifecycle, open data, data policy, data collection, and innovation work. Michael Schnuerle, Data Officer in the Office of Civic Innovation (OPI2) leads the effort, under the guidance of Grace Simrall, our Chief of Civic Innovation.  Read more about it on our Data Governance pages on OPI's website.

See some photos from our year-end celebration event where we announced the Badges program, and our Twitter announcement.

Get Your Department Started with Badges

If you'd like to lead a Badges effort for your department, here's what you should do.

Website Setup (feel free to use our site as reference):

  1. Visit badgelist.com, create a free account, a then create a new group. For the name, call it "Louisville Metro Badges YourDepartment" For the group logo, you should use our official Badges logo.  Link back to this web page for the website field.
  2. Add group admins from your department using the "+ Add Admins" button at the bottom of your group.  It's good to have 3 or more since admins create badges, manage users, review evidence, and approve badges.
  3. Create badges with the "+ New badge" button.  You can use the badge creation tools built into the site, or upload your own custom designs.
  4. Create a "Tag" for each track you want.  You can then put the badges into each track.  You must create at least 10 badges per track, and we recommend a pool of 15 of varying difficulty for participants to choose from.
  5. You can annouce your program now and invite participants so they can get started!  Or you can wait until you line up your physical items and awards.

Physical Setup:

  1. Badge Cards. The Office of Civic Innovation is working with Cecil White in Facilities to get printed  badge cards made.  We aren't sure if there will be a cost.  Once printed, we can provide your department with stacks of printed badge cards that you can hand out to your participants.  They have places for participant name, 1 track sticker, and 10 badge stickers.
  2. Track Stickers. You will design and print your own tract logos and stickers for the badge cards.  The stickers should be exactly 4cm wide by 2cm tall. We don't have good label templates for this yet and instead have printed them on address labels and cut them out by hand. (Photoshop/Illustrator files here)
  3. Badge Stickers. Copy the images of each badge from your badge website and put them into a photo editing program.  Align them to your 3/4" circle sticker template (we have used this 4x6 one or this 8.5x11 one) and then print them out on an inkjet or laser printer.  (Photoshop/Illustrator files here)
  4. Computer Stickers. If you'd like to make a computer sticker reward, please do.  Here's the template for the one Innovation created.  It's printed on standard name tag sheets. 

Note: you may need a graphic designer and/or a local print store to design and print the items in #2 and #3.  


Create your rewards like we did on this page, then email them to Michael Schnuerle.  He will add them to this page for your participants to see.  



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