Shale Lowland

In southwest central Jefferson County there is a large area of lowland, only slightly above the level of the Ohio River floodplain, where creeks flow down from the Knobs and the impervious shale bedrock holds standing water. Roughly bordered by Fairdale to the south, Churchill Downs and the Fairgrounds to the north, Newburg and Okolona to the east, and Iroquois Park and Pond Creek to the west, this region is called the Shale Lowland, rich in hydrological and human history. When European settlers came into the area it was known as the “wet woods” because of the many wetlands and creeks. Later drained by engineered concrete ditches, the area is still prone to flooding and poor drainage. With soils formed on a bedrock of ancient carbon-rich mud, this area has not been particularly good for farming nor buildings sites.

Map of 1.5 miles that are open. Lamborne

Before you know it, you will have the opportunity to be connected to this amazing physiographic region.