Ohio River Valley

The Ohio River Valley Section of the Loop, is a 23 mile stretch designated by a blue color on all trailhead and wayfinding signs.  Along the way, you will pass through Waterfront Park, historic Shawnee and Chickasaw Parks, Rubbertown and Riverside, the Farnsley Moremen Landing. Interpretive signs on the trail will take you back in history and explain the present day significance of neighborhoods and regions

The Ohio River Valley floodplain is the region on the Kentucky side of the river where the Ohio River has historically flooded and deposited sand, gravel, and sediment. You could roughly define this area with a line from Pond Creek at the Salt River to Kosmosdale, Valley Station, the west end of Louisville, downtown and south of River Road to the north end of the county. Just beyond the River’s banks are the terraces where various levels of floods have deposited sediments over thousands of years, forming natural flood walls and flat areas. These terraces are packed with rich agricultural land that has supported humans for millennia. Native plants and animals thrive in this region’s rich soil, supporting riverside forests and a variety of mammals and amphibians.

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Big Four Bridge

Lannan Park

Shawnee Park

Chickasaw Park

Riverside Gardens