Current Detours and Advisories

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Alternative Routing Maps

-Beargrass Creek Trail - West Trailhead
-Beargrass Creek Trail -  East Trailhead

Loop Advisory


It is unsafe for pedestrians to use the Louisville Loop between Mile Markers 10.75 - 13.75. TheOhio Valley Section of the Loop runs along Camp Ground Road here for nearly 3 miles, and has no pedestrian pathway.

Detours and Closures

1) Ohio River Valley Section between Mile Markers 4.0 – 6.50; this runs from Northwestern Parkway at 31st Street near Portland Wharf Park and continues to the south end Shawnee Golf Course at West Market Street. 

Currently, there is a detour in the Ohio River Valley Section. Starting at the entrance to Portland Wharf Park at Northwestern Parkway and 31st Street, the Riverwalk is closed due to bank erosion repairs. Detour signs will lead Loop users along Northwestern Parkway west and south to the Shawnee Golf Course. Detour signs lead Loop users back to the Riverwalk through Shawnee Park.

Traveling from the opposite direction, detour signs will lead Loop users from the north end of Shawnee Park onto Northwestern Parkway up to Bank Street, then east along Bank Street to 33rd Street, north on 33rd St. to Northwestern Parkway, and then east to the end of the detour at the intersection with 31st Street, rejoining the Riverwalk towards downtown.

Louisville Parks & Recreation and the US Army Corps of Engineers entered into a Project Partnership Agreement for the design and construction of a project to stabilize the Ohio River bank along the Louisville Loop in Portland Wharf Park and Shawnee Golf Course. This agreement allowed the US Army Corps of Engineers to design and construct the Portland Wharf Park Riverbank Stabilization project.

The design phase was completed in summer 2016.  The first phase construction project was completed in November 2017 with riverbank stabilization at Portland Wharf Park.  The second phase of construction at the riverbank along Shawnee Golf Course was completed in November 2018.  A new section of the path in this area has collapsed, and will need to be repaired in order for the Louisville Loop to be opened in the spring of 2020.